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Housing and Amenities

Limited housing is provided on a space available basis in 14 two-bedroom, modestly furnished units at Hayden Place Apartments in Chattanooga (just north of the river from downtown Chattanooga).

First priority is to M3 UTHSC students; second priority is to M4 UTHSC students.

  • Utilities (electricity, water, basic cable TV, and high-speed internet via ethernet) are paid.
  • Students should bring their own linens, bedding (including a mattress pad), pillow, alarm clock, pots/pans, dishes, forks/spoons, shower curtain w/ rings and cleaning supplies. 
  • If a student brings a personal computer, the student will need an ethernet cable to connect to the internet modem in the living room.
  • The student may also bring a personal TV to connect to a cable box for "basic" cable TV service.

UT students who intend to complete most of their clerkship and elective rotations in Chattanooga are expected to provide their own housing at their expense. Students are not permitted to stay longer than six blocks in these apartments. This helps us provide housing for those who do not have other options.

A photo of housing in Chattanooga.
A living space in the Chattanooga housing. 
The pool are of the apartment complex.
An exercise room at the housing. 

Amenities provided to medical students:

  • Erlanger provides some funding for meals in the main Erlanger Employee Cafeteria. 
  • Free parking is provided by Erlanger adjacent to the hospital.
  • Housing is provided by the University of Tennessee for up to 28 UT students.
  • The housing is available in 14 two-bedroom, modestly furnished units at Hayden Place Apartments in Chattanooga. 
  • First priority is to third year UT students and then second priority to fourth year UT students.
  • Students are limited to a total of six (6) blocks in the apartments.  If students intend to complete most of their Clerkship and Elective rotations in Chattanooga, they are expected to obtain their own housing at their expense.
  • Two (2) students of the same gender are assigned to each apartment unless two are married to one another while rotating in Chattanooga at the same time. 
  • Utilities at the apartments (water, electricity, and basic cable, high speed internet connection with your own ethernet cable) are provided by the University at Hayden Place.  Each student must bring his/her own computer and ethernet cable to connect to the network.  Phone service is not provided so students must bring their own cell phones.
  • NO Televisions are provided; however, students may bring their own.
  • Call rooms and lockers are provided in the hospital.
  • 24-hour access to the UT Medical Library in Chattanooga with no charge for use of copy machines 

Hayden Place Apartment complex in the Chattanooga community is located about 10 minutes from the hospital.  Each apartment is modestly furnished and the complex is gated and has a courtesy officer.   An internet cable modem is provided in each apartment, but students must bring their own computers and ethernet cables.  Students should submit the online Request for Student Housing for as soon as they schedule rotations to request housing.  

*If Students have friends or family in the Chattanooga area, we expect that the students will utilize this as their option for housing during rotations.  There are many students who apply for housing and some do not have friends or family in the area.

The Hayden Place Apartments are located at 1150 Pineville Rd. Chattanooga, TN 37405. 

Hayden Place Apartment Leasing office is (423) 634-1900.

Last Published: Apr 16, 2021