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Family Medicine Block Schedule



Intern Introduction to Family Medicine* 4 weeks
Inpatient Family Medicine* 8 weeks
Geriatrics 4 weeks
Emergency Medicine 4 weeks
Surgery 2 weeks
Inpatient Pediatrics 8 weeks
Mother/Baby 4 weeks
Psychiatry 1 4 weeks
Critical Care 3 weeks
Community Medicine 2 weeks
Outpatient Pediatrics 2 weeks
Night Float (with senior resident) 2 weeks
Outpatient Family Medicine 6 weeks

We are part of an innovative program offered by the ABFM. This allows us to divide your inpatient and outpatient continuity care into continuous weeks. We feel it is important for you to learn the skills associated with caring for patients before asking you to care for both patient panels simultaneously.  The rotations marked are part of this initiative.


Neurology 4 weeks
Night Float 6 weeks
Inpatient Family Medicine 6 weeks
Sports Medicine 4 weeks
Procedures 4 weeks
Outpatient Pediatrics 4 weeks
Pediatric Emergency Medicine 4 weeks
Gynecology 4 weeks
Orthopedics 4 weeks
Practice Management 4 weeks
Psychiatry 2 4 weeks
Elective 4 weeks


Mother/Baby 4 weeks
Palliative Care 4 weeks
Inpatient Family Medicine 10 weeks
Urology 2 weeks
ENT 2 weeks
Dermatology 4 weeks
Ophthalmology 2 weeks
Radiology 2 weeks
Cardiology 4 weeks
Night Float (orienting intern) 2 weeks
Elective 16 weeks


There is really no limit to the possibility when it comes to electives!

We believe that this is important to allow you to direct you educational experience to fit the wide range of interests and skills of a family physician.  This list is only a small representation of some of our most popular electives. Many residents choose to repeat rotations to increase exposure.

Global Health
Life Style Medicine
Addiction Medicine
Point of Care Ultrasound
Wound Care
Allergy and Immunology
Hematology and Oncology
Infectious Disease

Last Published: Apr 16, 2021