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The Center for Biomedical Informatics (CBMI) at UTHSC announces the launch of a cloud-based health research platform TrinetX Live. This platform will provide a visual and tabular data summary of the research Enterprise Data Warehouse (rEDW) containing standardized aggregated pediatric and adult healthcare data from Methodist Le Bonheur Health System. This platform is currently live and includes the following counts:

Patients: 1,202,518
Encounters: 8,489,415
Diagnosis: 47,584,521
Procedures: 17,805,736
Labs: 123,094,905
Medications: 55,791,685
Vital Signs: 52,904,034

*(As of 10/16/2019)

The TrinetX Live Platform is accessible to all UTHSC researchers through UTHSC- CBMI. Please email Lokesh Chinthala

For information on TrinetX Training Please follow this link.

Upcoming Training: TBA

Click Here to access TrinetX Live Platform

Last Published: Jun 30, 2020