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Nielsen Data Set

Through a key partnership with the University of Chicago Booth - Kilts Center for Marketing, UTHSC now has access to vital marketing datasets, including Nielsen marketing data.

The availability of these rich data provides academic researchers from a range of disciplines new opportunities to explore the dynamics of purchasing behavior across the United States.

The size, scope, breadth, and longitudinal time frame of these data make them unique. They cover a wide range of products, categories, retail channels, stores, and geographic markets in the United States. The following marketing datasets are available: Consumer Panel Data; Retail Scanner Data; Ad Intel Data; and PanelView Surveys. Researchers can integrate the consumer-panel and retail-scanner datasets to enable additional types of research. By integrating these two datasets, researchers can determine not only the items purchased by panelists, but also the availability, prices, and promotions associated with other products that were on the shelf at the same time. Although it varies by year, 45–70 percent of the stores in the Consumer Panel Data can be matched to scanner data.

May 26, 2022