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ID Cards and Controlled Access Systems

All individuals associated with the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, are required to wear a UT ID card in a visible fashion and must present it upon request of UT police officers, faculty or staff. This requirement became effective in January 1991. Key control is absolutely essential in providing adequate security for UT Health Science Center facilities and activities. All personnel who are entrusted with keys must closely adhere to the policies and procedures outlined in this document.

New ID Badge Request Form



  1. This document outlines policies and procedures governing ID cards and the Card Reader System as well as UT building keys and the Key Control Program. Sample forms for use in implementing these policies and procedures are attached.
  2. The Chief of Campus Police will have the principal responsibility for administering the Identification Card/Card Reader System and the Key Control Program for the UT Health Science Center campus, and shall be available for consultation and advice in resolving security related questions. Only the Chancellor or his designee can overrule Campus Police in matters of Identification Cards/Card Reader System and Key Control.
  3. The Identification Card and keys issued by Campus Police to faculty and staff is for their official use on the UT Health Science Center campus. The Identification Card and all building keys remain the property of the University and must be returned to Campus Police upon termination or transfer, etc. Failure to return the ID and keys will subject the individual to penalties and restrictions outlined elsewhere in this document.
  4. Students, upon graduation, may retain their ID cards, ONLY IF the graduation date on the card is the correct expiration date. Students, upon withdrawal, must return their ID cards. Failure to return ID cards will result in penalties and restrictions outlined elsewhere in this document.
  5. Vice chancellors, deans, chairpersons, department heads and directors having approval authority for issuance of card reader ID cards and keys will insure that proper controls and safeguards are maintained to protect the integrity of the Security Card Reader Access System and security of UT Health Science Center facilities and activities. They will likewise insure that card reader access authorization and key authorizations are limited to those individuals within their activity who have an official need.

Identification Card

  1. All UT faculty, students, staff exempt and non-exempt employees will be issued an identification card by Campus Police.
  2. UT Medical Group personnel will be issued ID cards based upon request, signed by UTMG Department of Human Resources. ID cards issued to UTMG personnel will be in accordance with the policies and procedures outlined herein and on a cost reimbursement basis.
  3. Identification Card/Card Reader Applications (Attachment A) will be initiated and processed as outlined below:
    1. For other academic personnel not processed through Personnel Services, the academic department will provide Campus Police a copy of the appointment letter or written verification of appointment. The completed application is forwarded to Campus Police for issue of the ID card.

      Applications for residents and fellows are completed by the respective dean's office at the time of appointment. The completed application is forwarded to Campus Police for issue of the ID card.

      For visitors who will be on Campus several days and who will not be accompanied by University personnel (auditors, site visitors, etc), the host unit will provide to Campus Police in writing details of the visit and will schedule issuance of ID's.
    2. Card reader access will be issued to those individuals who require access to card reader equipped buildings and areas after normal operating hours while buildings are secured. The card reader access request is a part of the application form referred to in 3.a. Above. The card reader access requirement must be cleared by signature with the manager of the space or building involved before the application for the ID card is sent to Campus Police for the card to be issued.
  4. Lost ID's will be replaced at a cost of $12.00 each.
  5. Stolen cards may be replaced at no cost with the presentation of a copy of the police report. Other stolen ID's may be replaced at a cost of twelve dollars ($12.00). After an initial ID card has been provided, a replacement ID card may be obtained at no cost to the holder if there is a change in name, department or title or if the card has become worn or broken through no fault of the holder.
  6. There will be a charge of twelve dollars ($12.00) for ID cards not returned upon termination. Departments must initiate an Exit Clearance Form for all employees terminating and ID cards must be returned to Campus Police before the final paycheck is released.
  7. Student ID's must be returned upon withdrawal. A charge of twelve ($12.00) dollars will be levied upon failure to return ID. Transcripts will be withheld until the fee is paid. Students may retain ID cards upon graduation if the expiration date is correct on the ID card.
  8. Faculty, staff and students clearing the campus in advance of their termination, graduation, etc., date and upon request to Campus Police will be issued a temporary ID card covering the remainder of their official stay on campus.
  9. When an employee begins leave without pay for a period of four months or less, at the discretion of the department head, identification cards normally relinquished at the onset of the leave, may remain in the custody of the department head and be reassigned to the employee upon return to active status. In such instances, the department head will make an appropriate notation on the Exit Clearance Form as it is processed.

Card Reader System

  1. Vice Chancellors, deans, chairpersons, independent department heads and directors (includes equivalent level within UTMG) will have authority to approve requests for card reader access for buildings and areas under their immediate control and may delegate this authority to one other individual to act in their behalf.
  2. Individual users of the card reader system are charged with insuring that the ID card entrusted to them is safeguarded at all times. Persons loaning or otherwise misusing the card will be subject to disciplinary action.

Last Published: Apr 22, 2021