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Promotional Products

The following guidelines are provided to make the purchase of UTHSC-branded promotional products, including apparel, easier and to reflect the policies followed by the Office of Communications and Marketing, UTHSC, and the UT System

Quite often, judging whether or not a communication violates UTHSC branding restrictions requires marketing experience and training, and there is no universal rule that will be applicable for all circumstances. For that reason, it is required that all marketing materials be reviewed by the Office of Communications and Marketing to assure the UTHSC brand is protected.

Trademark Licensing

The Office of Trademark Licensing exists to protect and promote the indicia (marks, names, logos) of the University of Tennessee.

Through a partnership with IMG College Licensing, the Trademark Licensing Office monitors commercial and internal use of Tennessee indicia, and is responsible for managing more than 600 licensees producing products bearing Tennessee’s indicia.

Individuals, groups and organizations, both on and off campus, seeking to use Tennessee indicia must have prior approval from this office.


In an effort to reflect the UTHSC brand in apparel that is purchased by faculty, staff, and students for uniforms, casual office wear, fundraisers, and giveaways, the guidelines below should be followed: 

Fabric Colors: 

The following fabric colors are acceptable for any apparel featuring the UTHSC logo to represent a unit, center, institute, or the university:

  • Orange
  • Green (medium green to dark hunter green, no lime green)
  • Gray
  • White
  • Black

One-time events (i.e. Employee Appreciation Day or an event sponsored by a student organization) will be allowed to print t-shirts on colors outside of the UTHSC color palette.

Please note the UT icon logo is only allowed to be printed in PMS 151 orange, black, or white. The “HSC” may only be printed in PMS 151 orange, PMS 342 green, black, or white. The chosen t-shirt color must complement the logo color (i.e. an all-orange logo may not be printed on a hot pink t-shirt). Please contact the Office of Communications and Marketing for color recommendations or questions regarding color use.

Any exceptions must be approved through the Office of Communications and Marketing. 


The Office of Communications and Marketing is responsible for creating logos to be embroidered on the left chest of shirts, blouses, pullovers, vests, and jackets. These embroidery logos are different from the secondary identifier logos, as there is a maximum width for left chest embroidery, and the size of the UTHSC ShortSig logo should be consistent from garment to garment, regardless of the length of the secondary identifier that is set below the ShortSig.

Specific embroidery logos for UTHSC have been designed for scrubs and white coats. Therefore, scrubs and white coats may only be ordered through the specific licensed vendors, who are familiar with our scrub and white coat embroidery requirements.

Please contact the Office of Communications and Marketing at or 901.448.5544 to obtain the correct logo for embroidery.

May 26, 2022