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The Sign Shop provides a variety of branded internal and external signage for the campus, such as departmental lobby signs, directory boards, door signs, directional signs, and exterior building signage.

Sign Types

To request a sign for your department, please email your specific request for sign type, photo of where the sign will be placed, and dimensions of the placement area to To contact the Sign Shop, please call 901.448.6391.

Internal department signs are available in plexi glass and can be ordered for specific departments, offices, and floors, in addition to departmental door signs.

department sign plexi glass

Directory signs are available and can be placed near elevators.

elevator sign

Door signs are available in plexi glass or vinyl.


door sign vinyl

Directional signs are available for placement within hallways and can point to restrooms, stairwells, or specific rooms.

directional sign pointing to restrooms

Exterior signs/branding are available for specific buildings, centers, and institutions, and can be placed on the building facade itself, and as a green and stone stand upon entering the building.

Building/Center Name on Building Facade

plough center exterior

Building Name on Stand with Address

college of pharmacy sign



jeff badoud
Jeff Badoud


gilland photo

Katherine Gilland
Technical Specialist


Last Published: Oct 30, 2019