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UTHSC Branding Guidelines

The UTHSC Branding Guidelines were prepared to assist in implementing a consistent identity system. They provide cohesion and bring together our many different colleges, divisions and institutes so that when seen, people will think UTHSC. 

There is only one UTHSC brand. Individual colleges, departments, institutes, offices and centers are not permitted to use individual logos or any graphic treatment that gives the impression that they “stand alone,” rather than exist as a part of the overall UTHSC brand. Consistency is key here, which is why it is so important to be familiar with these guidelines. They will help you protect the university brand. For any additional questions or concerns, contact the Office of Communications and Marketing. 

While this site provides direction for the UTHSC branding and graphic identity, the Office of Communications and Marketing is required to review the designs for any documents, products, or materials that will bear the UTHSC logo or name before the items are produced.


May 26, 2022