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Colors and Fonts


The UTHSC Branding Guidelines calls for the use of the color palette below in order to bring visual consistency to print and digital marketing materials and designs across the university. To ensure a color is correctly on brand, please only use the codes listed below. Contact the Office of Communications and Marketing at or 901.448.5544 if you have any questions.

Primary Colors

The primary colors for the university are UTHSC Orange and UTHSC Green. 

uthsc primary colors 


Secondary Colors

The secondary colors complement the primary colors and should not be used alone. 

secondary colors at UTHSC



Primary Font

Gotham is the primary font for UTHSC. This modern sans-serif font family is very accommodating for the UTHSC style and is the preferred font for marketing materials, promotional products, and signage across the university.

Secondary Fonts

Goudy is a secondary font for UTHSC and used when a serif font is required. This font is used in the UTHSC wordmark.

When designing for digital media, such as email or Microsoft Office applications (i.e. Word, PowerPoint, etc.), Arial is the acceptable font.

uthsc official fonts

Last Published: May 8, 2019