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Psychoacoustics Lab

Directed by Mark Hedrick, Ph.D.

The Psychoacoustics Laboratory is located at the UT Conference Center and is designed to conduct research both at the Master's and Ph.D. levels in the areas of psychoacoustics and speech perception.  The laboratory includes Tucker-Davis Technologies complete psychoacoustic and speech perception/analysis components. In addition, the laboratory has one double-walled booth.

psychoacoustics lab

  • Perceptual abilities of listeners with hearing loss
  • Speech perception by listeners with normal hearing and listeners with hearing loss
  • Elucidation of frequency and temporal coding mechanism 

Our lab has some upcoming projects that will involve individuals with hearing loss and who may wear either hearing aids or cochlear implants.  We hope that our research will lead to better hearing health care outcomes for individuals with communication difficulties.  We are most grateful for your participation – we could not accomplish our research without you! 
Please email the laboratory at for participation opportunities.  

May 26, 2022