Dental Hygiene Continuing Education

Administration of Local Anesthesia for the Dental Hygienist
Cost: $1,000.00

This course fulfills the Tennessee State Dental Practice Act Rule regarding certification for the administration of local anesthesia for registered dental hygienist. This online didactic course reviews the procedures available for the management of pain and anxiety. Principles of local anesthesia will include anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, armamentarium, technique and complications. A two-day face-to-face laboratory component will be included to prepare for certification in the administration of local anesthesia.

Dates for the face-to-face clinical application are:

  • Dec. 13 & 14
  • May 2 & 3

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Re-Entry Program for Dental Hygienists returning to the profession
Cost: $1,500.00 (Phase 1)

To provide current information relating to the practice of dental hygiene, with emphasis on refining clinical skills and reviewing current techniques and practices. This course is designed for dental hygienists who have not practiced up to twelve (12) years. The primary goal is to reacquaint the candidate with the basic theory, principles, and procedures of the dental hygiene process of care. Students will gain practice time in clinical procedures to assure sufficient opportunity to develop competence. Upon completion of the program, the appropriate dental board or agency will be notified of the candidate’s status.


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