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Applicants: Please be sure to mark all attachments (resumes, cover letters, etc.) as relevant when completing the application. This will ensure all relevant documents are received by the hiring manager.

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Our employment philosophy is simple. We work every day to attract, hire and retain the best workforce. We don't look for good, we're not impressed by great… we’re in search of excellence! We hire those who are exceptional in their profession, well read, enthusiastic about their work and demonstrate a spirit of teamwork. We believe that innovation is born in an environment that promotes inclusiveness, provides for open communication and acceptance of different ideas.

We believe that as our employees become smarter we are changed for the better. So, we strive to create opportunities for success through continuous education, superior training and funding the educational endeavors of both full-time and part-time employees.

Finally, our comprehensive compensation package includes competitive pay, full medical benefits, paid time off, tuition reimbursement, non-contributory retirement, 401K, 457 & 403B.

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The Records function in the Office of Human Resources is to provide appropriate documentation, both electronic and physical, for all staff personnel files. This is done to ensure that a permanent official record is maintained and contains all relevant information concerning the employee and his/her employment history with the University.

Employment Verifications

All Employment Verifications are now completed through The Work Number. 

Employee Exit Clearance


Employment Staff

Terrie Starling
Employment Team Leader


Alisha Boone
Sr. HR Consultant


Anesha Jones
HR Consultant


Carolyn "Denise" Griffin
Administrative Aide


Barica Horner
HR Specialist


Chastity Pegues
Human Resources Support Technician


Deborah "Debbie" Long
HR Specialist


Last Published: Aug 15, 2018