Fees and Stipends

Fees and Expenses

Upon receiving notification of acceptance into the graduate program, the prospective student will be required to sign the assurance form reserving his or her position. The individual must notify all other programs to which he or she has applied to remove all pending applications from consideration.

In addition to the listing of anticipated expenses presented here, students are required to have a personal laptop computer and a digital camera. During the fall semester of the second year, students are required to attend the Tweed Study CourseRegistration fees, travel and lodging expenses associated with attendance at this course are paid by the department. Some incidental, non-reimbursed expenses may be incurred.

The University has established a Student Financial Aid Department which is committed to removing the financial barriers to education for students with limited resources. Several forms of financial aid assistance for students may be secured through University and other sources. Information is available at the Financial Aid Office.

First Year

Tuition $0.00
Instrument and Clinic fee $7,000.00
Personal computer (est.) $1,500.00
Digital camera (est.) $150.00
Books/subscriptions (est.) $1,000.00

Second Year

Tuition $0.00
Instrument and Clinic fee $7,000.00
Tweed Study Course (est.) $200.00
Personal instruments (est.) $1,000.00

Third Year

Tuition $0.00
Instrument and Clinic fee $7,000.00
Personal instruments (est.) $1,000.00

Recurring Annual University Fees and Expenses

College and university program fees $600.00
Student health insurance
(proof of insurance is required by UTHSC)
Technology fee $200.00
Parking fee $200.00


Student stipends that help defray the cost of an education in orthodontics and that allow the student to concentrate on his/her studies have been available in recent years. While continuation of this assistance is not assured, a stipend of $2,400.00 is distributed each year of the program. The stipend is paid monthly. Special stipends and programs may be available to assist minority students and those interested in pursuing an academic career.

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