Curriculum and Rotations

The UT OMS program curriculum has been developed to relate basic science principles to clinical application through the mechanism of rotation with other disciplines, regularly scheduled seminars, grand rounds, and conferences. This 4-year residency schedule is designed to progressively increase the resident's clinical involvement from simple to complex surgical procedures. Listed below is an example of the residency rotation schedule, the conference and seminar agenda, and the additional first year curriculum.


Year One

  • July: OMS Service
  • August-October: Internal Medicine/ICU
  • November-December: OMS Service/Cardiology
  • January-March: General Anesthesia
  • April-June: OMS Service

Year Two

  • July-August: General Anesthesia/Pediatric Anesthesia
  • September: Research/Pathology
  • October-December: OMS Service
  • January-March: General Surgery/Trauma
  • April-June: OMS service

Year Three

  • July-Sept: OMS
  • Oct: Oncological Surgery
  • Nov: Otolaryngology
  • Dec: Research
  • Jan-Mar: OMS service
  • Apr: Oculoplastic Surgery
  • May: Plastic Surgery
  • June: OMS service

Year Four

  • 12 Months OMS


Conferences and Seminars

Grand Rounds

This biweekly conference series allows the residents to make presentations on various academic topics and formal case presentations of interesting patients being treated on the service.

Case Conference

This triweekly conference series is dedicated to the review and discussion of current patient cases with emphasis in mortality and morbidity review.

Literature Review Seminar

A two-hour seminar held monthly, in which articles from the current literature are reviewed. Experience in evaluation of written material and verbal presentation before a group is the purpose of this seminar.

Oral Pathology Conference

This biweekly conference is designed to familiarize the resident with information and knowledge within the scope of OMS presented in lecture and CPC format.

Orthognathic Case Conference

This is a monthly conference held in conjunction with the Department of Orthodontics involving joint surgical-orthodontic cases.

Implant Seminar (January-June)

A multidisciplinary lecture series presented by guest lecturers, attendings, and residents of the OMS, prosthodontic, and periodontic programs focusing on the various aspects of dental implants and their placement, soft and hard tissue augmentation, restoration, and potential complications.

First Year Curriculum

Head and Neck Anatomy

An intense study of gross structures of the head and neck by systematic dissection supplemented by UT medical school lectures and demonstrations oriented toward practical surgical applications.

Physical Diagnosis

This comprehensive week long course is provided by the University of Tennessee Internal Medicine Department four first year residents every July. Lecture, demonstration, and clinical participation are used to familiarize the student with patient evaluation and techniques of physical examination.


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