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Funded Research Projects

Look AHEAD - Action for health in Diabetes Extension Study Research Project (USPHS U01DK057078) ( (Public Use Dataset  PI: Karen Johnson 

ASPirin in Reducing Events in the Elderly ASPREE (Minneapolis Medical Research Foundation Subcontract USHPS U01 AG029824) PI: Karen Johnson

Community Alliance for the Homeless Agreement (Community Alliance Subcontract - DHHS 90CA1792) PI: Connor / Simmone Nouer

Elder Abuse Professional Education For Current and Future Healthcare Professionals (H W Durham Fdn Grant) PI: Simonne Nouer

Implementation of Resources for Enhancing Alzheimer's Caregivers Health in Tribal Communities (REACH into Indian Country) (Rx Foundation Grant) PI: Jennifer Martindale-Adams

Methods for genetic association testing (Project leader: CY Chiu, S Sen; contributors: H Kim; funding: NIGMS)

Model for Holistic Young Child Wellness (LeBonheur Community Health and Well-Being) PI: Connor / Simonne Nouer

Statistical analysis of activity data (Faculty: Z Bursac, M Kocak, R Krukowski, S Sen, F Thomas; contributor: G Farage; funding: NIDDK)

Statistical computing for large omic datasets (Project leader: Saunak Sen; contributors: X Hu, H Kim, G Farage; funding: NIGMS, NIDA)

Testing the Effects of Contingency Management and Behavioral Economics on Buprenorphine-Naloxone Treatment Adherence Using a Sequential Multiple Assignment Randomized Trial (SMART) Design (1R33AT010604-01) PI: Karen Derefinko

The Effect of a Microprocessor Prosthetic Foot on Function and Quality of Life in Transtibial Amputees Who are Limited Community Ambulators (VALOR) (Army Grant W81XWH15-1-0470) PI: Phyllis Richey

The effect of a powered ankle foot orthosis (PAFO) on function, safety & quality of life in military service members and veterans who wear a prescribed orthosis  (Army Grant W81XWH17-1-0451) PI: Phyllis Richey

Tools for enhancing statistical collaborations (Project leader: Fridtjof Thomas)

Vitamin D and Type 2 Diabetes (Tufts Medical Ctr Subcont USHPS U01DK98245  PI: Pittas; UT PI: Karen Johnson

Women’s Health Initiative ( (Public Use Dataset (NHLBI funded; UT PI: Karen Johnson)

CHAMPS - Choosing Healthy Activities and lifestyle Management through Portal Support (RO1CA267643; UT PI: Karen Johnson)

Identification of luteolin as a BRAF-degrading molecule for developing new therapeutic agents (1R21CA252393). Liu-Smith (PI)    

Adapting and testing an Alzheimer’s family caregiver intervention in Vietnam.  (1R21AG054262-01). PI: WL Hinton and Huong Nguyen.  Co-I: Jennifer Martindale-Adams, Linda Nichols

Cancer Caregiver-driven Text Messaging. PI: Michelle Martin and Jennifer Martindale-Adams

Dementia Caregiver Intervention for Non-Responders. (From New York Harbor VA Medical Center.) PI: Cory Chen, Mentors: Jennifer Martindale-Adams, Linda Nichols

Behavioral Economics based stigma reduction intervention for low income, African American individuals with Opioid Use Disorder (3R61AT010604-01S1) PI: Karen Derefinko

Efficacy of Two Novel Behavioral Post Cessation Weight Gain Interventions (USHPS R01-DK0107747) PI: Karen Derefinko/Rebecca Krukowski

Behavioral Weight Management for Pregnant and Postpartum Women in the Military (USHPS R01-DK104872) PI: Marion Hare/Rebecca Krukowski

DNA methylation and gene expression study of aging and lifespan differences (USHPS R21-AG055841) PI: Khyobeni Mozhui

SPRINT – Systolic Blood Pressure Intervention Trial (Public Use dataset (NIH funded; UT PI: Karen Johnson)

Trials of Hypertension Prevention (TOHP) (Public Use Dataset (NIH funded; UT PI William Applegate

Activity Counseling Trial (Public Use Dataset - (NIH funded; UT PI William Applegate)

Antihypertensive and Lipid-Lowering Treatment to Prevent Heart Attack Trial (ALLHAT) (Public Use Dataset - (NIH funded; UT PI William Cushman)


Aug 23, 2022