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"...pursuing an integrated program of education, research, clinical care, and public service."

Name and Expertise

Burns, Robert, MD, Professor — geriatric medicine, internal medicine, hospice and palliative care, dementia, health care systems, osteoarthritis.

Bush, Andrew J., PhD, Professor Emeritus, Resident Fellow of The Urban Child Institute — biostatistical and epidemiological clinical and observational research design and analysis with emphasis on predictive, mixed effect and structural equation modeling of early brain development; interests in computer intensive methods such as permutation, bootstrap and Monte Carlo inference; broad experience and skill in developing statistical computing applications.

Chiu, Chi-Yang, Assistant Professor, Preventive Medicine; Assistant Professor, Genetics, Genomics and Informatics.

Coday, Mathilda C. [Mace], PhD, Professor — clinical and health psychology; cognitive-behavioral interventions for physical activity & nutrition to manage weight in adults and children, smoking cessation and weight control; relation of health behaviors and psychosocial factors on health.

Connor, Pamela D., PhD, Professor Emeritus — community health; primary care affective disorders; academic training grants; medical school admission criteria predictors, learning theory, palliative medicine, smoking and children.

Cushman, William C., MD, Professor, Preventive Medicine, Medicine, Physiology — clinical trials, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, lifestyle interventions and drug therapy, hypertension practice guidelines, Department of Veterans Affairs.

Derefinko, Karen J., PhD, MS, Assistant Professor — understanding externalizing behaviors and conduct problems, including substance use, violence, and risky sexual practices in young adults and adolescents

Fowke, Jay, PhD, MPH, MS, Chief of Division of Epidemiology; Professor, Preventive Medicine.

Graney, Marshall J., PhD, Professor Emeritus — epidemiology of aging; multiple regression analysis; gerontological caregiving.

Hare, Marion, MD, MS, Associate Professor — pediatric epidemiology.

Johnson, Karen Chandler, MD, MPH, Chair of Preventive Medicine, Endowed Professor in Women's Health, Co-Director Tennessee Clinical and Translational Science Institute - Preventive medicine; clinical trials; internal medicine; women's health, cardiovascular disease, smoking cessation, osteoporosis.

Kocak, Mehmet, PhD, MS, Associate Professor — applied statistics, survival analysis, mixed effects models, clinical trials.

Krukowski, Rebecca A., PhD, Associate Professor — Behavioral weight control interventions; technology-based interventions; built food environment; gestational weight gain; self-monitoring; public health.

Liu-Smith, Feng, PhD, Assistant Professor — Dr. Liu-Smith is a cancer epidemiologist with multiple disciplinary research programs that use methods in genetics, population science, bioinformatics and molecular biology to investigate risk and survival of cancers. Dr. Liu-Smith has a secondary appointment in Department of Dermatology as her main focus is on cutaneous melanoma.

Martin, Michelle, PhD, Professor — Clinical (Medical) Psychology; cancer prevention and control; eliminating inequities in health;  physical activity; patient-reported outcomes; community-engaged research.

Martindale-Adams, Jennifer L., EdD, Professor--caregiving; Alzheimer’s and dementia; spinal cord injury; traumatic brain injury; military families; deployment and post deployment challenges; translation and implementation.

Mason, Alex, PhD,  Professor--child, adolescent, and young adult neurocognitive and psychosocial development; developmental etiology of youth substance misuse and co-occurring externalizing and internalizing problems; preventive intervention development and evaluation; translational research.

Mozhui, Khyobeni, MS, PhD, Assistant Professor — Systems genetics, quantitative genetics, microarrays, RNA sequencing, neuropsychiatric genetics, stress response, HPA-axis, addiction, alcohol abuse, amygdala.

Nichols, Linda O., PhD, Professor — caregiving; Alzheimer’s and dementia; spinal cord injury; traumatic brain injury; military families; deployment and post deployment challenges; translation and implementation.

Nouer, Simonne, MD, PhD, Associate Professor — epidemiology; tropical medicine; spatial analysis of health-related data.

Richey, Phyllis A., PhD, Professor — exercise physiology (specialization in pediatric and cardiovascular physiology); exercise physiology and community health intervention: pediatric obesity; hypertension-induced target organ damage.

Sen, Saunak, PhD, Professor and Division Chief — Statistical genetics, statistical computing, analysis of high throughput data, design and analysis of experimental crosses.

Sun, Yangbo,MD, PhD, Assistant Professor — Epidemiology-chronic disease epidemiology; modifiable lifestyle risk factors (including nutrition, physical activity, etc.); life course epidemiology; environmental chemicals; maternal and child health.

Thomas, Fridtjof, PhD, Professor — biostatistics; design and analysis of randomized clinical trials, observational studies, propensity scores, multiple imputation, heterogeneity of treatment effects (HTE), medical tests, ROC-analysis, ordinal logistic regression, longitudinal mixed effects models, survival analysis, Bayesian statistics..

Tolley, Elizabeth A., PhD, Professor — biostatistics; causal modeling of physiological and pathophysiological processes; Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS); experimental design of laboratory studies; design and analysis of clinical trials, prospective cohorts, and other observational studies; linear correlation and linear regression analysis; hypothesis testing and estimation for one-sample, two-sample and multi-sample inferences for continuous and categorical data; nonparametric methods.

Tylavsky, Frances A., DrPH, Professor Emeritus — Nutrition and public health; effects of diet and body composition on bone mass across levels of the life cycle; assessment of body composition.

Wan, Jim Y., PhD, Professor--biostatistics; statistical methods for epidemiologic data; health services research.

Womack, Catherine, Co-Division Chief General Internal Medicine; Associate Professor of Medicine and Preventive Medicine

Zhao, Qi, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor—Epidemiology; genetic and molecular epidemiology of cardiovascular disease and body composition disorders (including obesity, osteoporosis, and sarcopenia); prenatal factors for childhood development; integrated omics (genomics, metabolomics, and microbiomics) research.

Last Published: Nov 4, 2020