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Past Biostatistics Seminars

2021-02-22 Dr. Hyeonju Kim
Dr. Hyeonju Kim A tutorial for a multivariate linear mixed model based QTL(Quantitative Trait Loci) analysis tool : FlxQTL
2021-02-08 Dr. Aiyi Liu
NIH/NICHD Nonparametric estimation of distributions and diagnostic accuracy based on group-tested results with differential misclassification
2020-11-16 Dr. Rima Izem
Children’s National Research Institute and the George Washington University Causal Inference in Rare Diseases, In Practice
2020-11-09 Dr. Lifeng Lin
Florida State University Treatment ranking in Bayesian network meta-analysis and predictions
2020-10-26 Dr. Brian Egleston
Fox Chase Cancer Center Statistical inference for natural language processing algorithms with a demonstration using type 2 diabetes prediction from electronic health record notes
2020-09-28 Dr. Bin Zhu
National Cancer Center/NIH A hidden Markov modeling approach for identifying tumor subclones in next-generation sequencing studies
2020-09-21 Dr. Danh V. Nguyen
UC Irvine Profiling Dialysis Facilities for Adverse Recurrent Events
2020-07-27 Dr. Abolfazl Mollalo
Baldwin Wallace University Spatial Variations of the COVID-19 Incidence in the United States: A GIS-based Approach
2020-07-13 Dr. Qi Yan
U of Pittsburgh Deep-learning-based Prediction of Late Age-Related Macular Degeneration Progression
2020-06-29 Dr. Fatma Gunturkun
UTHSC Artificial Intelligence for Prediction of Late Onset Cardiomyopathy among Childhood Cancer Survivors
2020-06-22 Dr. Hansapani Rodrigo
The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorder (HAND) Biomarker Identification with Significance Analysis of Microarrays and Random Forest Analysis
2020-06-01 Dr. Sixia Chen
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Nonparametric Mass Imputation for Data Integration
2020-05-11 Dr. Zonghui Hu
NIH/NIAID Assessment of collective genetic impact from twin study: a mixture distribution approach
2020-05-04 Dr. Marco Geraci
University of South Carolina. Quantile contours and allometric modelling for risk classification of abnormal ratios with an application to asymmetric growth restriction in preterm infants
2020-04-20 D. Mehmet Kocak and Mr. Tristan Hayes
UTHSC Tracking the Covid-19 Pandemic in the U.S.
2020-03-09 Dr. Yunxi Zhang
University of Mississippi Medical Center Variable Selection and Imputation for High-Dimensional Incomplete Data
2020-02-24 Dr. Dong Wang
National Center for Toxicological Research/FDA New technology and statistical issues for toxicity testing, from in vitro assays to postmarket surveillance
2019-11-18 Sedigheh Mirzaei Salehabadi
Biostat, St. Jude Estimation of time-to-event distribution based on partially recalled data
2019-11-11 Yujiao Mai
Biostat, St. Jude Classic Mediation Analysis for Complex Surveys with Balanced Repeated Replications
2019-09-16 Hyo Young Choi
Computational Biology, UTHSC SCISSOR: a novel framework for identifying changes in RNA transcript structures
2019-08-12 Dr. Qian (Michelle) Zhou
Statistics, Mississipi State U. Risk prediction with Cohort Studies
2019-05-13 Lih-Yuan Deng
Statistics, University of Memphis Survey of Current Random Number Generators used in R and Comparison with DX Generators
2019-04-29 Yimei Li
Biostat, St. Jude Genome-wide Association Analysis on Functional Imaging Data
2019-04-15 Hongmei Zhang
Biostat, U of Memphis Bayesian network selection with ordered data
2019-04-08 Bernie J. Daigle, Jr.
Biological Sciences and Computer Science, U of Memphis Maximum Likelihood Parameter Estimation and Model Identification from Single-Cell Distribution Data
2019-03-18 Natasha Sahr
Biostat, St. Jude Multi-level variable screening and selection for survival data
2019-02-21 Mehmet Kocak
Preventive Medicine, UTHSC Statistical Modeling for Growth Curves
2018-10-22 Zheng Xu
Staristics, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Association Testing Based On Sequencing Data With Arbitrary Depth
2018-04-09 Luhang Han
Statistics, University of Memphis Identifying stable and dynamic CpG sites pre- and post-adolescence transition via a longitudinal genome-scale study
2018-03-26 Chi-Yang Chiu
Preventive Medicine, UTHSC An additive hazards model for gene level association analysis of survival traits of complex disorders
2018-03-12 Hyeonju Kim
Preventive Medicine, UTHSC Efficient algorithms for detecting GxE in Multivariate Linear Model
2018-02-12 Saunak Sen
Preventive Medicine, UTHSC Three algorithms for statistical computing: the MM, EM, and proximal gradient algorithms
2018-01-29 Chris Gignoux
Un. of Colorado The role of human genetic diversity in the architecture of traits: lessons from PAGE
2017-11-13 Mina Sartipi
The University of Tennessee at Chatanooga mStroke: Mobile Technology for Post-Stroke Recurrence Prevention and Recovery
2017-10-23 Saunak Sen
Preventive Medicine, UTHSC Statistical learning methods and the bias-variance tradeoff
2017-09-18 Fridtjof Thomas
Preventive Medicine, UTHSC Predictive Modeling: Can’t See the Forest for the Trees?
2017-08-28 Dr. Gregory Farage
Preventive Medicine, UTHSC Feature Detection in PolSAR Images using the wavelet transform
2017-08-22 Dr. Laura Saba
University of Colorado at Denver Animal models and statistical strategies for describing the transcriptional connectome and its role in complex traits
2017-08-14 Dr. Ibrahim Abdelrazeq
Rhodes College L\'evy Driven CARMA(2,1) vs Realized Volatility
2017-07-24 Demba Fofana
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Gene Expression and Network Analysis
2017-07-17 Kamaleswaran, Rishi
Department of Pediatrics, UTHSC Continuous Big Data and Analytics at the Point of Care
2017-03-27 Fridtjof Thomas
Preventive Medicine, UTHSC P-values: Too Big To Fail?
2016-10-03 Josh Callaway
CEO/Co-founder/Data Scientist, PendulumRock Analytics, LLC The Next Generation of Data Analysis
2016-08-22 Fridtjof Thomas
Preventive Medicine, UTHSC R for power users: Compiled R code and parallel computing techniques
2016-05-23 Hyeonju Kim
Preventive Medicine, UTHSC Probabilities of Ruin in Economics and Insurance under Light- and Heavy-tailed Distributions
2016-04-25 Parichoy Pal Chounhury
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health causal Effect Among the Treated: Multiple Data Sources and Censored Outcomes
2016-04-18 Stanley Pounds
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital The necessity, Burdens, Benefits of Reproducible Computing
2016-04-04 Jonathan S. Schildcrout
Vanderbilt University Epidemiological sampling designs for longitudinal binary data with application to spirometery-based COPD diagnosis
2016-03-21 Charisse Madlock-Brown
Informatics and Information Management, UTHSC Exploring the UTHSC co-authorship Network with D3
2016-02-29 Arzu-Onar Thomas
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital A Critical look at non-inferiority trials: Benefits and pitfalls
2016-01-25 Ethan Willis
Center of Biomedical Inforamatics, UTHSC Parallelizing Research Efforts with Hosted GIT and Modern Asynchornous Workflows
2015-11-04 Karl Broman
Biostatistics and Medical Informatics, University of Wisconsin Madison Reproducible Compputing
2015-11-02 Karl Broman
Biostatistics and Medical Informatics, University of Wisconsin Madison Interactive graphics for genetic data
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