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Health Services Research

The Role of Adverse Symptoms and Clinical Response on Racial Disparity Outcomes in Breast Cancer (USPHS R21-CA208161-01A) PI: Ilana Graetz
This study will investigate whether black and white patients with hormone receptor-positive breast cancer report adverse symptoms differently, contributing to diverse treatment decisions and ultimately disparities in health outcomes. Despite significant reductions in breast cancer mortality over the past two decades, Black-White mortality disparities continue to widen. Results from this study will provide actionable mechanisms for targeted interventions to reduce racial disparities in breast cancer outcomes.

Impact of Integrated Patient-facing Health IT Tools on Quality and Resource Use for Patients with Diabetes (Kaiser Fdn Research Inst Subcontract USHPS R01- DK085070) Site PI: Ilana Graetz
Emerging patient-facing health information technologies have the potential to improve health care access, care coordination and self-management for the growing population of patients with diabetes, many of whom have complex conditions. Our research questions about the impact of patient -facing technologies that are well-integrated with existing electronic health records and health care providers, are broadly applicable given high interest in patient-facing technologies and the need for improvements in the quality of patient care and in health care resource use.

Impact of Medicare Part D Coverage gap Closure on Health Outcomes (USPHS R01-AG54424) PI: Cameron Kaplan 
This study will provide important information about how prescription cost-sharing affects healthcare utilization and health outcomes, as well as disparities in these important endpoints, and will provide important information to policy makers about how to design insurance benefits and to lessen the consequences of poor adherence.

Tobacco Surcharge: Affordability and Enrollment among Tobacco Users (ACS RSGI-17-234-01-CPHPS) PI: Cameron Kaplan  
Our study will examine the extent to which tobacco surcharges affect under-enrollment, under-reporting of tobacco use, and sorting (selecting different types of plans than non-users).
Specific Aims: Our study has three aims: (1) Examine the impact of tobacco surcharges on enrollment, plan choice, and under-reporting of tobacco use, (2) Estimate how many tobacco users tobacco users lack affordable care as a result of the tobacco surcharge, and (3) Evaluate changing affordability of plans and enrollment decisions of tobacco users over time. 

Last Published: Mar 12, 2021