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Community Participatory Research

Community Alliance for the Homeless Agreement (Community Alliance Subcontract - DHHS 90CA1792) PI: Connor / Nouer
The goal of this contract is to conduct an evaluation of the local Memphis Strong Families Initiative (MSFI). The process evaluation for the MSFI includes a combination of qualitative and quantitative data collection methods for infrastructure development and effectiveness, along with implementation of the project. The outcome evaluation utilizes data pulled from the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS), which MSFI uses to track and collect data on all program outcome measures. TFACTS reports for DCS administrative data are also being utilized. Evaluation results are used to determine how the MSFI is functioning in terms of: collaboration, engagement with participants, participants’ response to the program, data quality, effectiveness of program services, and changes in child welfare practices.

Model for Holistic Young Child Wellness (LeBonheur Community Health and Well-Being) PI: Connor /Nouer
This contact focuses on conducting an evaluation of the Project LAUNCH local demonstration site in Memphis TN, led by LeBonheur. The local level evaluation follows a participatory mixed methods (qualitative and quantitative) approach. The goals of the evaluation are to provide data for continuous improvement and quality control within Project LAUNCH activities, with an overarching goal of developing a replicable model that can be used to establish statewide systems of strength-based, family-centered, culturally and linguistically competent services for promoting holistic young child wellness. Monthly, as well as annual, evaluative reports focus on determining project effectiveness, documenting process, and analyzing outcomes, aiming to provide as much formative feedback as possible in order to guide and inform project planning and implementation.

Elder Abuse Professional Education For Current and Future Healthcare Professionals (H W Durham Fdn Grant) PI:  Nouer
The second-year funding has made the Elder Abuse Prevention Professional Development training (created in year 1 funding), freely available to UTHSC students and community healthcare professionals. The training informs participants regarding recognizing and reporting incidents of elder abuse, exploitation, and neglect in Shelby County, Tennessee. UTHSC is targeting future healthcare providers, currently attending UTHSC, as well as the community healthcare providers working in Shelby County, Tennessee. Elder Abuse Professional Education training will be provided to a cohort of future healthcare professionals in the Colleges of Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, and Health Professions (physician assistants), as well as a set of community physicians and clinicians, by the end of Year 3 funding.

Last Published: Mar 12, 2021