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Hao Chen, PhD

Associate Professor
209 Translational Science Research Building 
Phone: 901.448.3720


  • PhD, Michigan State University, Anatomy
  • MS, Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Neuroanatomy
  • Bachelor of Medicine, Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Basic Science of Chinese Medicine

Research Interest

My long-term research interest is to elucidate the complex interactions between social, genetic, and sensory factors in regulating drug abuse behavior, particularly cigarette smoking.

Our main tool is a novel rodent model of socially-acquired intravenous nicotine self-administration, where nicotine is delivered concurrently with olfactory and gustatory cues. We found rats developed strong conditioned aversion to nicotine under this condition. However, when a demonstrator rat that consumes the same olfactory and gustatory cue was placed in the same operant chamber, stable self-administration of nicotine was established. Therefore, social learning converted rats from developing aversive response to establishing stable voluntary drug intake. We are using a multi-disciplinary approach (behavioral, anatomical, pharmacological, genetics, genomics, etc) to identify the neurobiological and genetic mechanisms underlie the strong role of social learning in this behavior paradigm.


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Last Published: Sep 26, 2019