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Top Helpdesk Topics

  1. Password Management
    Set up, change, unlock
  2. Wireless Internet
    How to access WiFi
  3. OneDrive Overview
    Learn what OneDrive does
  4. Retiree Email FAQs
    Learn about the latest changes
  5. Duo
    Two-factor authentication (2FA)
  6. Application Access
    Get the access you need.
  7. Endpoint Protection
    Protect your devices!
  8. Office 365
    Outlook, Word, Excel, and more
  9. UTK Software Distribution
    No-cost software
  10. Vault
    Send large files securely.
  11. Mediasite
    Presentation software
  12. Purchasing hardware or software?
    Let us help!
  13. Listservs
    Mailing communications
  14. VPN
    Login securely off-campus

ITS News

Don't Fall for the Gift Card Scam!

Do you want to lose $500? Unfortunately, that is the average loss users on the UTHSC campus are experiencing when we fall for the gift card scam targeting our campus email system.

Current methodology used by the scammer bad actors:

  • An email from a Gmail account is spoofed to look like your boss or dean asking if you can help with a favor. The email says they are at a conference and don’t have access to their UTHSC email.
  • They need you to buy a specific gift card (iTunes, eBay, Google Play, etc.) for someone. They promise to reimburse you when they see you.
  • If you say OK, they will tell you to scratch off the back of the gift card and text the code to their cell phone (which they conveniently provide to you).
  • The bad actors now have the gift card money to spend and you have become a cybersecurity statistic. The online retailers will not reimburse the money spent, even if you are a victim of a scam.

If you receive any email that looks suspicious, please forward the message immediately to

Last Published: Mar 31, 2020