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About Us

What We Do

We provide health coach support and lifestyle/stress management, and also assist the Uptown community in getting access to essential primary and behavioral health care. Our vision is to improve health outcomes for residents in Uptown. The UTHSC Health Hub in Uptown is the prototype for what is hoped to be a series of locations established by the UTHSC College of Medicine under its Equitable Health in Neighborhoods initiative, to provide a convenient entry point to primary care for people in underserved areas of Memphis and Shelby County.


Who We Are


Susie Suttle, MPH, LMSW, is a Certified Health Coach and Administrator, UTHSC Health Hubs.

She received her master’s in public health in 2019 and her master’s in social work in 2003. She has a strong background in social work and has worked in this area for 23+ years. Health prevention is very important to her. “I have a strong desire to educate individuals on how to make behavior changes to improve healthier living,” Ms. Suttle says.

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Colbie Andrews, BS, is a Certified Health Coach.

She received her degree in Family Consumer Science with a concentration in Food and Nutrition with a strong background in physical activity. “I am passionate about holistic health, including the mind, body, and spirit,” Ms. Andrews says. “I am here for the community to serve as a connector for you and your road to a healthier lifestyle.”

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Anthony White, BS, is a Certified Health Coach.

He received his degree in Sports Exercise Science at the University of Memphis. “I am very passionate about healthy living, and I love interacting with my community,” Mr. White says. “Being a Memphis native, it means so much to me to work with people in my community and help bring a positive light for my fellow Memphians.

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Ruby Williams, BS, is Executive Office Coordinator.

She received her degree in Business Administration from University of Phoenix.  I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. “I have a keen focus on effective organizational strategies,” Ms. Williams says. “I am committed to delivering exceptional customer service and providing invaluable support to our management team to optimize operational efficiency.”

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Susie Suttle speaking to an audience.
Susie Suttle, Administrator, UTHSC Health Hubs
UTHSC Health Hub staff helping in the community.
WMC-TV’s Joe Birch, Colbie Andrews, Ruby Williams, Anthony White, and Susie Suttle.

Our Goals

The overall goals of the Health Hub are:


Support health behavior change
Assist in lifestyle management
Target obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and smoking cessation 
Help the community connect with essential primary care and specialty care
Mar 15, 2024