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UTHSC License Plate

The University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC) is on a quest to get a new license plate created in the state of Tennessee, specifically for our campus!


We began the process several months ago by introducing legislation for the creation of the license plate. The dollars generated from UTHSC license plate sales will go to support educational outreach at the university! In order for the UTHSC license plate to move forward with production, we must provide the state with 1,000 orders, plus a $35 deposit for each order, as well as our preferred art for the license plate. The state will then work with our campus to finalize the design of the plate, and our new UTHSC license plates should be available 4-6 months later!

The UTHSC administration has graciously agreed to pay the $35 deposit for the first 1,000 people to commit to the new license plate! Collegiate license plates currently cost $61.50 annually, so while no payment will be collected when orders are placed, the $26.50 balance will be due when the license plates are picked up from the county clerk's office. A letter will be sent to everyone who placed an order when the license plates are ready to be picked up.

We have 3 different color combinations for our proposed license plates:

License plate number one has two green bars on the top and bottom with the UTHSC logo to the left of the license plate numbers. Number 2 has an orange bar on the top and a green bar on the bottom with the UTHSC logo to the left of the license plate numbers. Number three has a green bar on top and an orange bar on the bottom with the UTHSC logo to the left of the license plate numbers. All options say "The University of Tennessee Health Science Center" across the bottom bar.

When placing your order, please let us know your first and second color preference! We will submit the art for the license plate that has the highest number of votes.

There are two ways to place your order for a new UTHSC license plate:

  1. Order online
  2. Order at the following security desks across the Memphis campus:
    • Madison Plaza
    • Pharmacy Building
    • Dunn Dental Building
    • GEB
    • Hyman Administration Building
    • CHIPS

If you have any questions about the license plate, please email Sally Badoud at

Thank you for supporting UTHSC and educational outreach with the purchase of this awesome new license plate!!!

Last Published: Feb 11, 2020