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QIPS Day Winners

2023 Presentations

Vick DiCarlo, MD  Peter DeLeeuw, DO


Vick S. DiCarlo II, MD and Peter M. DeLeeuw, DO
GI Fellowship and Erlanger Nursing
Improve Understanding & Implementation of Blakemore Tube in ICU

Taylor Millirons, MD   Hannah West, MD

C. Taylor Millirons, MD and Hannah West, MD
Family Medicine Residency
Utilization of IRIS to Improve Diabetic Retinopathy Screening

Adam Vollberg   Gracelyn Bose, MD

Adam Vollberg, MD and Gracelyn Bose, MD
Internal Medicine Residency
Code Blue:  A Quality Improvement Student Looking at the Effectiveness of Key Interventions

Cassandra Hensel

Cassandra Hensel, MD
Neonatology and Obstetrics/Gynecology
Optimal Cord Clamping Quality Improvement Project @Erlanger

Tamara Grayson-Eubanks

Tamara Grayson-Eubanks, DNP, MSN, RN, NE-BC, CIC
Infection Prevention
Improving Patient Safety by Decreasing CAUTIs and IUC Utilization Rates

Nikita Patil, DO  

Nikita Patil, DO
Pediatric Residency
Improving Water Safety Knowledge and Discussions in General Pediatrics Clinic

2023 Posters

  • Drs. Christopher Choe, Kathleen White; Family Medicine Residency; Pharmacist-led Implementation of a Protocol for De-Labeling of patients as Penicillin Allergic Project at an Academic Primary Care Center
  • Dr. Rebecca (Neighbor) Long; Family Medicine Residency; Development of a Prenatal Care Visit Template
  • Drs. Allan Akin, Matthew Rose; Family Medicine Residency; Primary Care for the LGBTQ+ Patient: An Educational Quality Improvement Project
  • Dr. Charles Gober; Family Medicine Residency; Outpatient Billing and Coding
  • Drs. James Pitcher, Margeaux Lacavera, William Oelsner*, Nancy Jhanji; Internal Medicine Residency and GI Fellowship*; Improving Rates of Appropriate Antimicrobial Therapy in Patients with Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis on Hospital Discharge
  • Drs. Brandon Warren, Benjamin Emery; Internal Medicine Residency; Improving Outpatient Follow-up of Incidental CT Findings
  • Drs. Peter DeLeeuw*, Sudave Mendiratta; GI Fellowship* and Emergency Medicine; Increasing Hepatitis C Detection and Treatment within 
    Hamilton County
  • Dr. Cassandra Hensel; OB/GYN Residency; Improving Methotrexate Availability for Medical Management of Ectopic Pregnancy
  • Drs. Hannah Bowers, Robert A. Hutchinson; OB/GYN Residency; Consent Policy for Medical Students to Perform Pelvic Exams on Patients Under Anesthesia
  • Drs. Daniel Mathis, Katie DeMars; Pediatric Residency; Creating a Safe Place in Pediatric Care:  A No Hit Zone
  • Drs. Merla Hubler, Danielle Allen; Pediatric Residency; Addressing Medical Team Barriers to Family-Centered Rounding at UT Pediatrics
  • Drs. Ravi Viradia, Delquis Mendoza; Plastic Surgery Residency; OR Safety Lecture with Post-Survey and Check-out During Service OR Cases
  • Drs. Ravi Viradia, Delquis Mendoza, John Bilezikian, Kathleen Kimmel, A. Fatula; Plastic Surgery Residency; Resident Initiative to Improve 
    Microsurgical Skills
  • Drs. Aaron Pollock, Justin Bailey, Dresden Soderstrom, Jillian McCabe (Scott), Brent Moss; Urology Residency; Quality Improvement Initiative to Increase Intern Productivity Through Specialty Directed EMR Training
  • Jimmy Lowrance, RT, Terry Ellis, RT; Respiratory Therapy Navigators (RT); Alpa-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency:  Is It In Your Genes?
  • Tamara Hyatt, Rachel Hood, Tabatha Grayson, Jacqueline Hayes, Teresa Beaty, Alicia Warren, Leslie Massengale; NW8; Fall Reduction
  • Marla Thomas; MSQI – Patient Safety; Enhancing a Learning System Using Standard HPI Safety Classification



Top Presentation

Jared Amos   Jacob White

Dr. Jared Amos and Dr. Jacob White
Pediatric Residency
Rapid MRI a Modality for Evaluation of Shunt Malfunction


Katlyn Zavala

1st Place: Dr. Katlyn Zavala 
Internal Medicine Residency
Presentation: MICU Level of Care Transfer Standardization  

Kathryn Oelsner, MD

2nd Place: Dr. Kathryn Oelsner
Pediatric Residency
Presentation: Enrolling Children in Dolly Parton's Imagination Library


Rupa Hari Gopal, MD

1st Place: Dr. Sriupa Hari Gopal
Pediatrics Residency
Reduction of Unplanned Extubations in the NICU 

John Pickering

2nd Place: Dr. John Pickering
Surgery Residency
Intraoperative Parathyroid Hormone Lab Reporting

Nov 30, 2023