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QIPS Day 2021

Congratulations to our 2021 QIPS Day Winners:


Quality Improvement/Patient Safety Day Presentations

May 15, 2021: 8:00 am - Noon for Presentations
Awards will be announced at 1:15 pm via  Zoom
The meeting invitations and Zoom instructions have been emailed to all residents, fellows, faculty, staff, quality leaders,  Erlanger quality oversight members, Erlanger leaders, and Erlanger board members.


Time Order Presenter Project Name Program
8:00 am   Dr. Alan Kohrt,  Assistant Dean of Faculty Development Welcome Message  
8:05 am 1 Dr. Neal Huang and Dr. Connor Read Utilizing fast drying plaster to decrease anesthesia time Orthopaedics Residency 
8:25 am Dr. Fernando Domingo and Dr.  Aaron Gilson Improving JP drain usage QI Project Plastic Surgery Residency 
8:45 am  Dr. David Thompson  

Communication Improvement in the Urologic Operating Room

Urology Residency 
9:05 am Dr. Katlyn Zavala  MICU Level of Care Transfer Standardization Internal Medicine Residency 
9:25 am  Dr. Kimberly O'Dell   Accounting for Obesity  Internal Medicine Residency 
9:45 am  6  Dr. Justin Austin Ash

Vascular complications are minimal with Micropuncture compared to standard technique during cardiac catheterization.

Internal Medicine Residency 
9:55 am    Break     
10:15 am Dr. Jonathan Burden   SDOH and HTN Hypertension Project Family Medicine Residency 
10:35 am 8 Dr. Kathryn Oelsner 

Enrolling Children in Dolly Parton's ImaginationLibrary

Pediatrics Residency
10:55 am 9 Dr. Elizabeth Anderson  Clinical and economic impact of procalcitonin testing at Erlanger Health System Pharmacy 
11:15 am 10 Dr. Corey Bray  Evaluation of a Pharmacist-Led, high-risk medication consultation service for geriatric trauma patients at a level-1 trauma center Pharmacy Residency
11:35 am 11 Dr. Tabitha Brown  Effectiveness of a treatment pathway for the management of febrile neonates in the emergency department of an academic children's hospital Pharmacy Residency
11:50 am 12 Dr. Summer Sizemore  Clinical impact of implementing a new influenza modality within an academic medical center Pharmacy Residency
12:10pm    Begin Deliberation     
1:00 pm   Dr. Fore, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and DIO  Awards Announced via Zoom  

Other Event Details

  • Judges will be present in Deans Conference Room. 
  • Zoom attendees should keep their computer microphones muted unless asking a questions at the end of the presentation.
  • Zoom attendees are asked to enter their names in the Zoom Chat function to let us know who has joined the session.

2020 QIPS Day Winners:

Srirupa Hari Gopal

1st Place: Dr. Sriupa Hari Gopal
Pediatrics Residency
Reduction of Unplanned Extubations in the NICU 


John Pickering

2nd Place: Dr. John Pickering
Surgery Residency
Presentation Name: Intraoperative Parathyroid Hormone Lab Reporting


Last Published: May 18, 2021