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Severe Weather Procedure for Medical and PA Students - Chattanooga Campus

In accordance with the UTHSC College of Medicine Policy and Procedures for Medical and PA Students on Clinical Rotations, students assigned to rotations on the Chattanooga Campus will follow the policies and procedures approved by the main campus, as relates to severe or inclement weather in the Chattanooga area. 

Since weather conditions will vary across the state, clerkship students on the three campuses will follow the schedules dictated by those campuses.

"The administration at UTHSC decides when the campus is closed due to inclement weather. Closure indicates that classes and scheduled meetings are cancelled.

In the event of severe weather or hazardous road conditions, please note the following information:

The UTHSC College of Medicine - Chattanooga follow the delay or closing decisions made by University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC).If the College of Medicine – Chattanooga is close, then clinical rotations and classes will be cancelled, unless they can take place virtually. Students should monitor communications regarding the availability of virtual educational activities.

Clinical experience missed due to inclement weather when campus is CLOSED is considered an Excused Absence. No LLR form is needed. 

a) In the event that campus is closed for inclement weather lasting more than 2 days, the clerkship/course director may assign alternative experiences (e.g. virtual didactics and/or clinical make-up time) for which the student will be responsible for completing/attending.
b) In the event that the campus is closed, students may elect to attend clinical duties if the hospital or clinic is open and if they feel safe traveling, but this is at their discretion and not required.

Wellness days can be used for clinical experience missed due to inclement weather when campus is OPEN.

a) This is to be documented by submission of the LLR form, indicating ‘weather’ as the reason for the absence.
b) In accordance with policy on Excused Absence and Wellness Days, a student missing more than 2 days of a rotation may be required to make up the missed time, at the discretion of the Clerkship Director. This is to ensure that the student has had sufficient exposure to obtain a fair and accurate clinical evaluation and acquire sufficient clinical experience

 Your CD will work with you individually for this if you fall into this category. 

 Most importantly, we want students to be able to exercise their best judgment in terms of when it is safe for them to come to work and when it is not.  We do not want to prevent students from coming to their rotation if they are able to do so and feel comfortable doing so, nor do we want to put students at risk of injury or harm. 


Apr 2, 2024