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Severe Weather Procedure for Medical and PA Students - Chattanooga Campus

In accordance with the UTHSC College of Medicine Policy and Procedures for Medical and PA Students on Clinical Rotations, students assigned to rotations on the Chattanooga Campus will follow the policies and procedures approved by the main campus, as relates to severe or inclement weather in the Chattanooga area. 

Since weather conditions will vary across the state, clerkship students on the three campuses will follow the schedules dictated by those campuses.

"The administration at UTHSC decides when the campus is closed due to inclement weather. Closure indicates that classes and scheduled meetings are cancelled.

In the event that the school is closed, faculty and students with clinical responsibilities are professionally obligated to provide that care even during inclement weather. Students on clinical services are expected to continue to provide care for their patients, provided traveling would not place the student at serious risk of injury and provided the clinical site or clinic is open for patient care.

If a student has any concerns about safety or ability to get to the clinical site due to severe weather, the student should consult with their Clerkship Director, Coordinator, and Resident/Physician supervisor (if assigned to a senior rotation) to determine the risks/benefits involving travel during these periods. Students who are unable to travel to the rotation sites should contact preceptors as soon as possible to advise them of the individual situation and whether the student could reach the site later in the day. 

 For any student staying home due to inclement weather, please complete a limited leave request form and submit to your Clerkship/Course director and Coordinator.  Links are available on OLSEN and COLSEN.  The COM will treat these days as excused absences (just state "weather" as the reason for the absence). Please still submit a Limited Leave Request (LLR) form even if your clinical site was closed for the day. 

In accordance with the Excused Absence and Wellness Days policy, if students miss more than 2 days of a rotation for any reason then they may be required to make up time at the clerkship/course director's discretion. Your CD will work with you individually for this if you fall into this category. 

 Most importantly, we want students to be able to exercise their best judgement in terms of when it is safe for them to come to work and when it is not.  We do not want to prevent students from coming to their rotation if they are able to do so and feel comfortable doing so, nor do we want to put students at risk of injury or harm. 

(Per email from the UTHSC College of Medicine Deans to Students, February 10, 2021)

Sep 16, 2022