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Clinical and Scholarly Immersion Experiences for UT M1 Students

M-1 Immersion Experience is currently on hold.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our M-1 Immersion Experience is on hold for the Chattanooga Campus.  Check back via this page for updates.  Thank you for your understanding.

Online Application


Early clinical immersion and patient contact experiences for preclinical medical students have been found to be valuable. These experiences have been increasingly emphasized and clinical immersion to help integrate skills and knowledge in preparation for practice.


  1. Develop familiarity with the patient-physician relationship, comfort with patients, and early team acculturation.
  2. Promote active learning and application of the basic science curriculum.
  3. Encourage early exposure to primary care and promote career interest in primary care and specialty understanding.
  4. Promote early exposure to the UTCOMC campus.
  5. Develop mentor relationships.
  6. Provide opportunities to explore scholarly endeavors.


  • Applicants must be UTHSC COM M1 students in good academic and professionalism standing during summer break.
  • Applicants must have malpractice insurance if the experience involves clinical care.
  • Applicants must submit a completed online application by March 31, 2019.
  • Placement is limited to one spot per department.

Please note:

  • This experience will not count towards any medical school credit.
  • UTHSC COM housing in Chattanooga will be available ONLY if vacancies are available in the apartments leased for M3 and M4 students by the University.
  • If space is available, housing can only be used by the specific student (not family members or pets).
  • If space is available, students must provide items including bed linens, pillow, towels, and kitchen supplies such as plates, cups, cookware, and utensils.
  • Students who stay in the University-leased space must abide by all University and apartment policies.
  • If space in the apartments is not available, housing and associated costs will be the responsibility of the individual student.
  • Once selected, students must complete the online training required by the University and Erlanger Health System (EHS-the affiliate hospital) prior to beginning the experience: HIPAA compliance and EPIC eChart training for EHS and CITI training required by the UTCOMC campus if scholarly activity and research are part of the experience.
  • Students will be issued an Erlanger photo ID badge, pager, have a code for access into appropriate areas within Erlanger, meal card each four weeks ($60 for use in the Erlanger cafeteria and Starbucks located in the Erlanger Medical Mall), have an Erlanger network login and email address, and can park in the Erlanger garage having their tickets validated each day.
  • If the student experience involves research and the departments want research information saved on a USB drive, the department would be responsible for the cost of the Erlanger approved hardware/software encrypted USB drive (e.g., Iron Key).
  • Orientation for the experience will be the responsibility of each department sponsoring the activity.
  • A stipend of $200 will be provided for each student participating in the experience.

Specific Department Opportunities Available for Summer 2019

  • Emergency Medicine
  • Family Medicine
  • Neurology
  • Surgery
  • Urology

Departmental Goals and Objectives

Emergency Medicine (Research

Department Phone: 423.778.7628

Contacts: Dr. Sudave Mendiratta and Dr. Jessica Whittle

  • Currently, one position is available. Additional positions may be approved on a case-by-case basis.
  • The selected student will participate in existing studies, with opportunities in data collection and potential authorship if approved by the faculty mentor.
  • The participating student will receive a certificate of completion and can list this experience on their CV regardless of the outcome of the project.
  • The student must be in good academic standing with the ability to complete HIPPA and other compliance mandated training.
  • Shadowing opportunities also exist in the Emergency Department within the protocols of both UT and Erlanger.
  • Students are welcome to submit their own research ideas; however, currently, we do not offer extramural funding.
  • Dates are variable.

Department Phone: 423.778.4660

Contact: Dr. Thomas Devlin

  1. The selected student will work with our in-hospital clinical team of stroke neurologists in the Emergency Department, angio suite, and neuro ICU as we practice state-of-the-art endovascular-based stroke care.
  2. The experience will provide initial exposure to all aspects of neuro-critical care by allowing the student to become embedded in our team that manages a wide variety of neurologically emergent medical conditions.
  3. The student will be exposed to both advanced neuro procedures in our interventional neuro-radiology suite and the neurosurgery operating room.
  4. The student will learn the basics of clinical research including regulatory, compliance, trial design, contract negotiations, and clinical trial execution.
  5. The student will assist in enrolling patients in clinical trials related to acute stroke treatment involving both device development and new pharma-based drugs coming to market.
UT Family Medicine Chattanooga Summer Selective and Experience

Department Phone: 423.778.2957

Contact: Dr. Leslie Griffin

Selective Choices

1. Clinical Selective (One-week minimum  - Four-week maximum)

  1. The student will work alongside our faculty and residents in our outpatient clinic.
  2. The student will participate in full spectrum primary care including pediatric, obstetric, adolescent, adult and geriatric patients, as well as in-office procedures, x-ray, and ultrasound.

2. Research Selective (Four weeks)

  1. The student will work under a supervising faculty to conduct a retrospective chart review to address a clinical inquiry that would be used to improve patient care in the outpatient setting.
  2. Results of the project will be submitted for consideration to be presented at the TN AFP for regional presentation.

3. Global Health Selective  (One week)

  1. The student will participate in a one-week medical mission trip to Honduras alongside Family Medicine faculty and residents.
  2. Exact date to be determined - anticipating mid-July.
  3. Cost of the trip (including passport and immunizations) will be the student's responsibility. The approximate cost is $800 plus airfare.

Other Family Medicine Experiences

1. The Family Medicine Update -- a regional CME conference sponsored by the Department of Family Medicine in Chattanooga.

  1. May 31st through June 2, 2019 during the Annual Riverbend Festival
  2. Attend our annual family medicine conference alongside primary care providers throughout the region.

Department Phone: 423.778.7695

Contact:  Patricia Lewis, RN (Trauma Surgery Research Coordinator)

  • Scholarly experience will include a case report and possible data collection experience for a research project.
  • The student will have the opportunity to observe some surgeries and trauma resuscitations.
Urology Research and Summer Electives

Department Phone: 423.778.4691

Contacts: Dr. Amar Singh and Stacey Blanks

Clinical Elective (4 weeks)

The student will work alongside our faculty and residents in our outpatient clinic. The student will participate in a full spectrum of urologic care as outlined, including mandatory attendance at all conference and educational events.

This rotation will familiarize the student in basic urology exam, diagnosis, and treatment of common urologic problems like voiding dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, incontinence, prostate cancer, bladder cancer, kidney cancer, testicular and penile cancer, stone disease.  The student will be supervised at all times by residents and/or faculty. The student is expected to participate in all urology conferences.

Research Elective (4 weeks)

The student will develop knowledge of and experience in the steps involved in approaching a urologic research problem. The student will work under a supervising faculty to conduct a retrospective chart review to address a clinical inquiry that would be used to improve patient care in the outpatient setting. The results of the project will be submitted for consideration to a urological association for presentation. The student will participate in the urologic research outcomes as outlined, including mandatory attendance at all conference and educational events.

Interested students must submit the following documents:

  • online application
  • a current CV with photo
  • statement of interest in a one-page narrative
  • a letter of good standing from the medical school

Students should submit these documents via email to


Last Published: Aug 31, 2020