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Welcome to Capstone at the Chattanooga campus! 

The aim of the Capstone course is to help prepare you to:

  • Excel during your internship and residency programs especially in the critical and important categories within each competency
  • Provide role models, mentorship and guidance regarding careers that integrate research, quality improvement and patient safety, clinical skills, teaching, administration, advocacy and service.
  • Continue to build on a personal passion that existed prior to entering medical school and/ or a new interest and/or knowledge gap
  • Enhance the culture of self-directed and peer group-fostered learning
  • Enhance lifelong learning skills

Course Director:
Michael Greer, MD, FACS, FRCS, RPVI
Interim Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education
UT College of Medicine - Chattanooga

Contact Information:
Tiffany Nabors, BS, CMA (AAMA), CAP
Medical Student Services Specialist
UT College of Medicine - Chattanooga or
UME Office Phone:  423.778.7442

Capstone Orientation and Schedule

Block 2, 2024 (January 29 - February 23, 2024)
Capstone 2024 Session Schedule
Capstone Orientation Slides

Jan 29, 2024