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Code of Conduct

January 14, 2021

Faculty, Staff, and Students,

The events that have unfolded this election year and the unlawful activities that followed at our national capital have grieved and concerned us all. 

I want to share with you the comments of UT President Boyd. He reminds us of our duties to each other, to our University, to our state, and to our nation.

Steve Schwab, MD


The events of last week that unfolded before our eyes in Washington D.C. have troubled and grieved many of us. I have followed with great dismay as the events played out on the national news and throughout social media.
In light of the events occurring in our nation’s capitol last week, it is important to remind our UT faculty and staff about our systemwide Code of Conduct. While it is not designed to replace specific campus and institute policies, it does provide a great blueprint on the importance of conducting ourselves in a responsible and ethical manner. At the very heart of this is the need and expectation to treat one another in an honest, respectable and decent manner. This extends outside our university communities into the general public, and even extends beyond face-to-face communications into the social media realm. As we continue to live and work in a more enhanced online world, exercising good digital citizenship is not only encouraged but necessary as we navigate through the tremendous amount of change sweeping through our country. Explicit hatred aimed at harming others—both spoken and written—should never be condoned. My commitment to you is that I will continue to lead—both overtly and by example, through both word and deed—in a way that encourages kindness and grace to others.

Randy Boyd
UT President

Aug 14, 2023