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Animal Models Shared Resource

The mission of the Animal Models Shared Resource of the UTHSC Center for Cancer Research is to promote advancement of the understanding of cancer biology and the development of novel therapeutics.

The AMSR instrumentation includes:

Expertise and services provided by AMSR include:

  • Maintenance of a colony to provide investigators with immunocompromised mice
  • Assistance and training with orthotopic and heterotopic tumor implantation
  • Non-invasive live animal bioluminescent tumor imaging
  • Tumor measurements
  • Development of cancer stem-like cell cultures and establishment of xenograft tumors from fresh tumor biopsies
  • Advice on experimental design
  • Guidance on efficient use and novel applications of imaging methodologies
  • Customized imaging protocols based on up-to-date research
  • Training in image processing and quantitative analysis
  • Interpretation of data for project management
  • Support for preparing scientific manuscripts and grant proposals.


Faculty Director


Lawrence Pfeffer, PhD
Muirhead Professor of Pathology

Facility Director


Deanna Parke
Facility Director

May 10, 2024