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Resident Spotlight

July 2022

Resident imageCameron Garagozlo, MD

If you needed the help of the Acute Pain Service this month, you were luckier than usual because you would have had the delight of being a patient of Dr. Cameron Garagozlo. In spite of all the pressures of a busy residency, he not only provided excellent care to patients, but he also became invaluable to the attendings he worked with and took complete ownership of the service. Dr. Garagozlo has impressed everyone with his stellar work ethic, phenomenal patient care, leadership and utmost professionalism which is well beyond his level of training. Whether he was busy seeing consults and writing seemingly endless notes, troubleshooting floor issues, or patiently handling pages from "Jeff in Trauma" [a fake resident created by someone who wanted to trick Dr. Garagozlo], he balanced all his responsibilities and challenges with a calm grace and skill that made us all proud to see. He also did all of this while studying for his BASIC ABA board examinations. We could not be more proud and we are so happy and honored to give our Resident Spotlight to Dr. Cameron Garagozlo, the resident who took away the pain in the Acute Pain Service. Keep up the amazing work. Our patients and our residency are lucky to have you!

May 2022

Resident Spotlight imageBrandy Sweeney DO
PGY-1 Anesthesiology Resident

Many times, residents go through their days not knowing the positive impact they have on their patients. It's easy for all physicians to get bogged down with all their responsibilities. Every once in a while, however, a patient tells us in no uncertain terms, how much our work means to them and their families. Dr. Sweeney took care of a patient who was severely injured in a motor vehicle collision. This patient was so impressed and grateful for the care she received at Regional One Health that she made an appreciation video for our hospital. Of all the inpatient physicians she encountered, she mentioned our Dr. Sweeney specifically, as someone who took great take care of her and gave her and her family hope in the most difficult of times. Dr. Sweeney is known to be a hardworking and empathetic physician and clearly our patients know this too and are very thankful. This month's resident's Spotlight goes to Dr. Brandy Sweeney, a light in all our patient's lives. Thank you, Dr. Sweeney for being the compassionate physician you are.

March 2022

resident spotlight imageKyle Struzyk, MD 
CA-2/PGY-3 Anesthesiology Resident

Dr. Struzyk has been one of our first residents staffing our Pre-Admission Testing Clinic. He has taken an active role in improving the clinic and has delivered excellent care to the patients who come for evaluations before surgery. He has used his training plus his personal innovation to provide high quality preoperative evaluations and optimizations to our patients and help improve the throughput of the clinic. The perioperative world of Regional One Health Medical Center and UTHSC has noticed, and we could not be more impressed! Dr. Struzyk ​has truly made a positive impact on the community of Memphis with his hard work and dedication and deserves special mention.  

This Month’s Resident Spotlight is for Dr. Kyle Struzyk, our forerunner in preoperative clinical care! Keep up the excellent work Dr. Struzyk!

Aug 30, 2022