Vision Insurance

Beginning in January 2013, vision insurance will be available to eligible University of Tennessee employees. Eligible employees will be able to choose between the Basic Plan and the Expanded Plan. Both plans offer the same services including:

  • Annual routine eye exam
  • Frames
  • Eyeglass lenses
  • Contact lenses
  • Discount on Lasik/Refractive surgery

What you pay for services depends on the plan you choose. With the Basic Plan, you pay a discounted rate or the plan pays a fixed-dollar allowance for services and materials. The Expanded Plan provides services with a combination of copays, allowances, and discounted rates.

The Basic and Expanded Plans are both administered by EyeMed Vision Care. Our network is the Select Network.  You will receive the maximum benefit when visiting a provider in the Select Network. However, out-of-network benefits are also available.

The following services are not covered under the vision plan.

  • Treatment of injury or illness covered by workers compensation or employer's liability laws.
  • Cosmetic surgery and procedures
  • Services received without cost from any federal, state, or local agency
  • Services provided by a vision provider beyond the scope of his or her license
  • Vision services for which the patient incurs no charge
  • Vision services where charges exceed the amount that would be collected if no vision coverage existed

Note: If you receive vision services and materials that exceed the covered benefit, you will be responsible for paying the difference for the actual services and materials you recieve.

Additional Plan Information:

EyeMed Vision Care
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