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How to Donate

Thank you for considering a donation to United Way!

Payroll Deduction

The easiest way to donate is to use Payroll Deduction. Using this method, each pay period (12 per year; bi-weekly is only once a month as well), your designated donation amount will be deducted automatically from your paycheck.

Your Payroll Deduction donation may be a percentage of your annual pay or a specific dollar amount. You choose!

Other Donation Methods

You may also choose to donate a one-time amount and pay by credit card, check or cash.

Checks should be payable to: United Way of the Mid-South.

If your donation totals $50 or more, you may even be billed in quarterly installments.

Please follow this easy procedure to donate to United Way

  1. Complete your information in Item 1 on the form
  2. Include Payroll Deduction information or credit card information In Item 2 -- or attach your check or cash to the Form
  3. Write in the specific amount you wish to donate in Item 3
  4. SIGN your Pledge Form in Item 4 regardless of payment method.
  5. Keep the PINK copy for your records.
  6. Send or bring the WHITE and YELLOW copies of your completed and signed Pledge Form and donation to your designated campaign representative.
May 26, 2022