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Pediatric Surgery Conferences

Fellows will participate in weekly conferences every Wednesday from 8:00 am - 12:00 pm. Fellows attendance at the Wednesday morning Pediatric Surgery Conferences are mandatory. If attending staff must operate during conference time, it will be without fellows. There will be NO exceptions to this rule. Wednesday morning conferences include Grand Rounds, M&M, Pathology, Research, and Radiology.

When Pediatric Surgery fellows rotate at St. Jude, they must attend ALL teaching conferences.

M&M Conferences

Every week fellows will attend the Morbidity and Mortality Conference. This closed departmental meeting provides that opportunity to discuss patient care and treatment options. The fellow will present cases at this meeting if there are any significant morbidity or mortality occurrences in patient care.

Scientific Meetings

Pediatric Surgery fellows may attend one approved scientific meeting each year during his/her two year residency without submitting an abstract to the program. Fellows may attend any approved scientific meeting for which an abstract has been accepted and is on the program (according to the availability of funds). If a fellow attends such a meeting, he/she does not also get to travel, on program funds, to a meeting for which no abstracts is on the program, but he/she may attend that meeting at his/her own expense during vacation time. All travel arrangements (if they are to be reimbursed by the program) must be made in sufficient time for discount fares, etc., and must be made by the program secretary. Any arrangements not made using discount fares or by the program secretary will be at the fellows own expense.

Jul 5, 2023