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Office of Space Planning and Utilization

Our university’s physical resources are one of our most important assets and one of our most costly liabilities. Through the allocation and assignment of the University’s space resources, the Office of Space Planning and Utilization strives to maximize the use, functionality, and productivity of the University’s space assets and minimize its costs and liabilities.

Space Planning and Allocation

The Office of Space Planning and Utilization is responsible for implementing best practices that promote the efficient, effective utilization of all UTHSC space (including buildings and property).  The department reviews and makes recommendations concerning proposals for reclassifying space, allocation, re-allocation, modifications, or renovations desirable after space assignments or classifications are created or updated.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How is space defined?

Space is all space leased or owned by the state and maintained by the UTHSC Campus, including spaces occupied by other university entities.

What guidelines determine how much space my department is allocated?

Tennessee Higher Education Commission Space Allocation Guidelines are a part of the annual appropriations requests and directly affect state funding of capital projects.  Research   benchmarks based on expenditures and benchmarking for higher education institutions.  Clinical space is reviewed and calculated based on criteria including number of patient visits, surgical procedures, and patient encounter.  Benchmarks for clinical space include functional and clinical support space.

What factors does the campus consider when allocating and reallocating space?

Work schedules, overall space availability, current and planned renovations, and new capital construction projects, budget/cost, etc.

Who decides whether my request for space will be approved?

Raaj Kurapati, AIFA, Executive Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration and Chief Operating Officer review all requests and supporting documentation to make decisions regarding the allocation and reallocation of space. When appropriate, the Chancellor's Cabinet may need to weigh in for approval.


To follow-up on a space requests, please email


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