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Sophie Bell, MD


Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
Undergraduate: Hiram College
Medical School: Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED)
Interesting Tidbits: I recently started playing pickleball and am a big fan. I ran a marathon once (slowly!) and have 7 siblings.
What do I enjoy doing in my free time: In my free time I enjoy playing soccer, running, and hiking. I love checking out new restaurants and breweries too or listening to podcasts.
What do I like about our residency: I like that we are an unopposed program which will prepare us for a career in family medicine well to be able to meet the diverse needs of our patients!
Career Aspirations: Working with underserved populations, women’s health/obstetrics, and teaching.

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Lynn Bui, DO


Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK
Undergraduate: University of Oklahoma
Medical School: Oklahoma State University COM
Interesting Tidbits: I once fractured my ribs while snowboarding.
What do I enjoy doing in my free time: During my free time, I enjoy anything outdoors. Whether it’s tennis, backpacking, or even lounging by the pool. I love it all. You can even catch me studying outside.
What do I like about our residency: I love the comprehensive care the program provides. I believe this program can prepare me to be the best doctor ready for anything.
Career Aspirations: Women’s health is something I’ve been continuously passionate about. I hope to work with underserved communities.

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Micheala Davis, MD


Hometown: Kingston, Jamaica
Undergraduate: Georgia State University
Medical School: Loma Linda University
Interesting Tidbits: I spent my childhood in 2 different countries (Jamica & the USA). I needed a stress reliever, so I learned to paint and make candles.
What do I enjoy doing in my free time: Acrylic painting, making candles, DIYing furniture, cooking.
What do I like about our residency: I love how adaptive this program is and all the new changes that are being implemented, especially with incorporating preventive healthcare. I also love the focus on women’s healthcare, and how helpful/supportive the chiefs have been.
Career Aspirations: To serve patients in underserved areas, provide women’s healthcare, and incorporate preventive medicine into my practice.

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Amber J. Kean, MD


Hometown: Memphis, TN
Undergraduate: Spelman College
Medical School: Ross University School of Medicine
Interesting Tidbits: I love cooking, writing, music, poetry, and short stories. I love gymnastics and football! I love to garden!
What do I enjoy doing in my free time: In my free time I love to write music and poetry. It allows me to bring out my creative side during stressful times. I love to garden and plant fresh flowers and herbs and vegetables.
What do I like about our residency: The program is in my hometown! I love being home serving my city. The program has extensive OB experience with option of fellowship! The staff/physicians/residents are caring, nurturing and excited about improving health.
Career Aspirations: My career plans are to become a family/OB physician that runs a community practice here in Memphis, TN and serves the city and surrounding areas. I want to focus my care on those who need it most in underserved communities.

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Jawed Safi, MD


Hometown: Memphis, TN
Undergraduate: University of Memphis
Medical School: American University of Caribbean
Interesting Tidbits: I have lived in 3 different countries and I’m fluent in 5 languages.
What do I enjoy doing in my free time: There are very few things playing/watching soccer, hiking, I love as much as watching/playing soccer; I’ve woken up at 6 am consistently at times just to catch some Premier league games.
What do I like about our residency: That the program is unopposed with plenty of guidance from senior residents and faculty. And that everyone here is so friendly; it feels like a family.
Career Aspirations: Still deciding but most likely preventative medicine/outpatient care or sports medicine. It makes me feel proud and happy to be able to serve the community in which I grew up.

Jul 9, 2024