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TennIRM Grant and Gift Proposals

2019/20 TennIRM, Memphis Research Consortium (MRC) proposal to the State of Tennessee

This proposal was for $2.5 million for one year, to support the four TennIRM focus groups ($500,000 each) and competitive pilot project funds, equipment and operations. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic and a tight state budget this proposal was not funded. We will discuss with the Memphis Research Consortium when to resubmit.

2020/2021 UT Foundation gift request to FedEx

After a meeting between UTHSC Chancellor Steve Schwab, Vice Chancellor for Research Steve Goodman, Vice Chancellor Love Collins III, Richard Smith (Regional President of the Americas, FedEx) and Shannon Brown (Senior Vice President, FedEx), UTHSC/TennIRM received a generous $25,000in-kind contribution for fiscal year 2020. This contribution allowed us to receive the Biosynspherer and 3D bioprinter that we are leasing from Revotek in China. These essential pieces of equipment for our TennIRM investigators arrived on July 2, 2020 and are being prepared for use on the third floor of the UTHSC Johnson Building.

FedEx made available a new $25,000 in-kind contribution for fiscal year 2021.

2020-23 DOC EDA CARES ACT grant application

This application, a collaboration between UTHSC and the Memphis Research Consortium, was submitted in July 2020. This $3,294,241 three year application, with a $1,200,268 match from UTHSC, would support the purchase of the Biosynspherer, 3D bioprinter and other equipment to establish the Regenerative Medicine Training and Research Core in the UTHSC Johnson Building; a Shimadzu Micro CT Scan to be located in the UofM Bio-Engineering Department; and a BD FACS ARIA TM FUSION SORP FLOW CYTOMETER which will be located in the St. Jude Department of Hematology. In addition, grant funds would support a UTHSC Regenerative Medicine Certificate Program and a Southwest Tennessee Community College/TennIRM Regenerative Medicine Workforce Development Program.

Nov 18, 2022