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Created in 2017 as the Memphis Institute of Regenerative Medicine, the institute rebranded in June 2021 as the Tennessee Institute of Regenerative Medicine (TennIRM) in recognition of new statewide partners. 

Formed to perform basic, clinical, and translational research in the areas of stem cell biology, 3D bioprinting, and tissue engineering, TennIRM's goal is to translate scientific discoveries into new organ repair and replacement therapies for people suffering from organ damage. 


TennIRM brings together the expertise of the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, the University of Memphis, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

The creation of TennIRM was spurred by Dr. Steven Goodman recruiting Revotek, a leader in the production of 3D bioprinted human blood vessels, to Memphis to establish their USA home. Revotek USA is now preparing 3D bioprinted blood vessels in the UTHSC Plough Center, and is in the final stage of receiving the FDA approval to move forward with watershed clinical trials. 

Initial financial support was provided by the Memphis Research Consortium Council. In its first year, MIRM recruited 36 members from UTHSC, UofM, St. Jude, and Medtronic. It has since grown to 70 members, including a strong group of industry advisors to support the major economic development and entrepreneurial nature of regenerative medicine. 


The TennIRM Industry Advisory Committee is chaired by Shannon Brown, Senior VP, FedEx, and co-chaired by Ann Burgess, Biologics R&D, formerly with Wright Medical Group N.V.  Other committee members include: 

  • Reid Dulberger, President & CEO, Edge for Memphis & Shelby County
  • Dan Shimko, Director of Biologics R&D, Medtronic
  • Dunn Liu, Partner and Chief Research Officer, Revotek USA
  • Chris Damien, Director of Biologics R&D, Stryker
  • Phil Cestaro, Executive Director, Clinical Trials Network of Tennessee (CTN2)
  • Lilliam A. Baez, Director, U.S. Commercial Service, United States Department of Commerce 

The academic members of the Industry Advisory Committee are: 

  • Ken Brown, Executive Vice Chancellor, UTHSC
  • James Kang, Chief Scientist, TennIRM;  UTHSC Professor, College of Graduate Health Sciences
  • James Carson, Executive Director, TennIRM;  UTHSC Senior Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies and Professor and Chief of Rehabilitation Sciences
  • Greg Harris, Senior Director of Development, UT Foundation
  • Robert Blaudow, Southwest Tennessee Community College (SOUTHWEST)
  • Jasbir Dhaliwal, Executive VP, Research and Innovation, UofM
Jan 9, 2023