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Information Needed from Potential Subawardees (Subcontractors)

When processing a proposal that involves work to be done under a subaward by a collaborator who is responsible for a significant portion of the work at another institution, the following information is needed:

  • Statement of Work for the subawardee's portion of the work;
  • Full budget for the subawardee (in SF424 format if main proposal requires a full budget);
  • Budget justification in format required for main proposal;
  • Subawardee's DUNS#, EIN, and congressional district of the location where subaward activity will take place;
  • Subawardee's F&A rate, agreement date, and cognizant agency contact information;
  • Biosketches for subawardee key personnel;
  • Description of subawardee resources to be utilized in the project; and
  • Letter of intent from subawardee institution signed by an authorized official. If the subawardee needs a sample letter, please contact GRA at
May 26, 2022