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Resident Life

Rec Room!

Residents playing video games at the Rec Room
Resident giving the peace sign the Rec Room
Resident playing a video game at the Rec Room

Banquets, Hangouts, & New 2018 Interns!

Group photo of residents
Residents after breaking out of an Escape Room
Residents at the Rec Room playing video games

Things We Love About Memphis

Bike Trails

View of the river with a barge on it
Wall with I Love Memphis painted on it
Bike siting on the bluff in front of the river

The Outdoors

Lake photo
Cars and tent at the lake

The Music, Memphis in May, and the Grizz!

Music at a memphis club
Music at a memphis concert
Grizzlies basketball players during a game

Last Published: Nov 8, 2018