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PGY-4 Curriculum

In their final year, residents are directly involved in consultation-liaison psychiatry during their rotations on medical-surgical units at Regional One Health and the Veterans Administration Hospital. Trainees gain an increased understanding of techniques of consultation, not only to individual patients but to the health care system in which the patient is treated. Residents receive two months of training in child and adolescent psychiatry and one month in a community mental health center. Experience in forensic and legal aspects of psychiatry is obtained through working within the state legal system and performing court evaluations. Additional experiences are provided with Geriatric psychiatry patients in medical inpatient and long term care facilities and in ECT. During the five months reserved for electives, residents are encouraged to pursue their professional and academic interests in clinical and research settings

Courses and Seminars

Sexual Therapy (2 months)

The classification, etiology, and treatment of sexual dysfunction are discussed. Specific sexual problems related to chronic illness and ethical and legal issues in sexual therapy are reviewed.

Hypnosis (2 months)

After an historical survey of the development and applications of hypnosis, there is a discussion of the uses, procedures and limitations of hypnosis. Residents observe the instructor inducing hypnotic states, and then they themselves work with a patient using hypnosis.

History of Psychiatry (3 weeks)

The course presents an overview of the history of the field from ancient times through the present, looking at the progression of both biological and psychological understanding of human behavior.

Administrative Psychiatry (3 weeks)

Basic issues in the administration of systems of psychiatric care are discussed, including the role of the medical director, behavioral health networks, medical staff issues, behavioral health outcomes measurement, and health information and confidentiality.

May 26, 2022