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Behavioral Research

Strategies to Promote Cessation in Smokers Who Are Not Ready To Quit (University of VA Subcontract USPHS R01-CA-193245) PI: Klesges; UT PI: Karen Derefinko
This study is: (1) To test a tobacco Quit Line for Smokers not ready to quit (SNRTQ); (2) To randomize 2100 SNRTQs; (3) To evaluate the efficacy of the intervention. The primary endpoint will be point prevalence at the 6-month post-intervention follow-up (12 months after randomization); and; (4) To determine the cost effectiveness (cost per quit smoker) of each of the interventions.

Behavioral Weight Management for Pregnant and Postpartum Women in the Military (USHPS R01-DK104872) PI: Rebecca Krukowski
This NIH-funded randomized controlled trial will determine whether a gestational weight gain intervention, a postpartum weight loss intervention, or a combination of the two interventions is most beneficial in improving postpartum weight loss, maternal/child health, and military readiness in a sample of Tricare beneficiaries. For additional information on the study, please see:

Dissemination of the Look AHEAD Weight Management Treatment in the Military (USHPS R01-DK-097158) PI: Rebecca Krukowski
This NIH-funded randomized controlled trial examined the efficacy of translating and tailoring the Look Ahead weight loss intervention for overweight/obese active duty Airmen. The 1-year intervention was delivered over the phone. For additional information on the study, please see:

Efficacy of Two Novel Behavioral Post Cessation Weight Gain Interventions (USHPS R01-DK0107747) PI: Rebecca Krukowski
The purpose of this NIH-funded project is to determine whether a weight stability intervention (based on the evidence-based Small Changes intervention) or a weight loss intervention (based on the evidence-based Look AHEAD intensive lifestyle intervention) followed by a smoking cessation intervention are more efficacious for reducing postcessation weight gain at 12 month follow-up, compared to a self-guided condition prior to cessation. For additional information on the study, please see: or call 901-448-2000.

Internet Assisted Obesity Treatment Enhanced by Financial Incentives (Univ of South Carolina Subcont USPHS R01-DK-056746) PIs: Harvey and West, UT PI: Rebecca Krukowski
This randomized controlled trial will determine whether incorporating financial incentives increases the amount and duration of weight losses achieved by Internet-delivered behavioral treatment. A secondary, exploratory aim is to quantify the incremental cost-effectiveness of each intervention strategy compared to established cost-efficacy thresholds.

Implementation of Resources for Enhancing Alzheimer's Caregivers Health in Tribal Communities (REACH into Indian Country) (Rx Foundation Grant) PI: Jennifer Martindale-Adams
This project will implement a proven dementia caregiving behavioral intervention into Indian Country. The intervention, Resources for Enhancing Alzheimer's Caregivers Health in Tribal Communities
(REACH into Indian Country), provides a strategy and framework for health and social support professionals from Indian Health Services and Tribal Public Health Nursing programs and ACL/AoA’s Native American Caregiver Support programs to help family caregivers with behavioral problems and their own stress and coping. Progress, outcomes, and impact will focus on the fit and utility of the intervention in Tribal communities and on the optimal design and requirements for adaptation and spread.

Dementia Caregiver Intervention for Non-Responders. (From New York Harbor VA Medical Center.) PI: Cory Chen, J Martindale-Adams, Linda Nichols, Mentors
The VA Health Services Research and Development Career Development Award will identify predictors of non-response to the REACH VA intervention for Caregivers of individuals with dementia.  It will then develop treatment designed for family caregivers who continue to experience clinically significant depression and caregiver burden following intervention.

Interventions for Parent Caregivers of Injured Military/Veteran Personnel (W81XH-17-C-0022), 4/1/17-3/30/20, Co-PI: J Martindale-Adams, Linda Nichols
This randomized clinical trial, funded by the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command, will test a well-established behavioral caregiver intervention, compared to attention control, to provide education, support and skills building including problem solving, cognitive restructuring, communication, and stress management to parent caregivers of post deployment military personnel (active duty, Guard, Reserve, veteran).

Adapting and testing an Alzheimer’s family caregiver intervention in Vietnam.  (1R21AG054262-01). PI: WL Hinton and Huong Nguyen.  Co-I: J Martindale-Adams, Linda Nichols
The goal of this NIA-funded pilot is to adapt and test the REACH Community Program with Alzheimer’s family caregivers in Vietnam.

Cancer Caregiver-driven Text Messaging. PI: M Martin and J Martindale-Adams
The goal of this program would to employ an automated caregiver-driven text messaging program as an m-health intervention that practitioners could integrate into real-world clinical settings. 

Last Published: Mar 12, 2021