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Cost of Attendance

  • Housing and transportation costs are estimates based on the cost of living in Memphis.
  • Students may be assigned to clinical sites across the state and this will alter the cost of housing and transportation.
  • Housing is NOT provided at clinical sites. The cost of housing, food and transportation for all rotations is the responsibility of the student.
  • All students, regardless of clinical site, will be responsible for transportation and housing costs associated with return to campus days and the summative phase of the curriculum (in Memphis).

Cost of Attendance Estimates - from Office of Financial Aid

Schedule of Maintenance, Tuition, and Fees - from Bursar's Office

Registration and Fee payment for each semester are done online. Students must pay fees to the Cashier’s Office by the deadline to avoid late fee penalties. Students must pay fees to be considered “enrolled” in a course.

Deadlines for the UTHSC Academic Calendar

PA Foundation Scholarships

UTHSC Scholarships and Grants

Last Published: Sep 25, 2017