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Center for Pediatric Experimental Therapeutics


The mission of the Center for Pediatric Experimental Therapeutics is the integration of basic, applied, and clinical sciences on the development of new treatments for childhood diseases.

Benchmarks for success include: 

  1. the number and quality of publications,
  2. the quantity and quality of competitive funding to support Center activities,
  3. the training opportunities for students, residents and postdoctoral fellows, and
  4. the educational offerings by Center investigators to the scientific community.

Specific Goals

  1. To improve the quality of education by coordinating existing resources and by attracting outstanding nationally and internationally recognized faculty in pediatric experimental therapeutics.
  2. To disseminate information resulting from Center research to health professionals and citizens in Tennessee, the Mid South region, and Nation through publications, presentations, participation in professional organizations, and continuing education.
  3. To establish the Center as an n internationally recognized resource for educational and research training in the area of pediatric experimental therapeutics attracting the very best students and postdoctoral trainees to Tennessee.
  1. To coordinate, integrate and enhance pediatric experimental therapeutics research programs, particularly in microbial pathogenesis and in new drug development, to yield highly focused and competitive research.
  2. To integrate existing basic research programs and resources, including the Molecular Resource Center (MRC); Regional Bio-containment Laboratory (RBL); other UTHSC COREs; the Departments of Clinical Pharmacy, Microbiology, Immunology, and Biochemistry, and Pediatrics; and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.
  3. To establish the Center as an internationally recognized resources in pediatric experimental therapeutics.
Clinical Care
  1. To coordinate pediatric experimental therapeutics research across the Health Science Center, the University, and State of Tennessee into a collaborative program functioning as one program, improving treatments for serious childhood diseases.
  2. To recruit talented clinicians of national importance to the Center to broaden the specialized expertise in treating pediatric diseases, particularly infectious diseases and cancer.
  3. To serve as a national and international resource for defining optimal pediatric treatment strategies.


Annual Report


jarrod fortwendel

Jarrod Fortwendel, PhD

  • Associate Professor, Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Translational Science 
  • University of Tennessee Health Science Center

richard lee

Glen E. Palmer, PhD
Scientific Advisor 

  • Associate Professor, Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Translational Science, UTHSC College of Pharmacy

richard lee

P. David Rogers, PharmD, PhD, FCCP
Scientific Advisor

  • Member, St. Jude Faculty 
  • Chair, Department of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences 
  • Endowed Chair in Pharmaceutical Sciences

jeremy stultz

Jeremy S. Stultz, PharmD, BCPPS
Coordinator, CPET Pediatric Infectious Disease Fellowship Program

  • Associate Professor, Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Translational Science, UTHSC College of Pharmacy

  • UTHSC/Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital Infectious Diseases and Antimicrobial Stewardship Residency Mentor


Oct 9, 2023