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SIM Curriculum Calendar

Dates SIM Curriculum US Curriculum
September Unstable Atrial Fibrillation with RVR Cardiac US
October Pulmonary Embolism Right Heart Strain
November Acute Renal Failure Renal US
December HCAP Basic Lung
January Opioid Overdose Cardiac Windows
February Thyroid Storm FAQ
July Intern Cross cover Simulations Code bootcamp

We are fortunate to have access to the state of the art, accredited Center for Healthcare Improvement and Patient Simulation aka CHIPS. The CHIPS center has several high-fidelity manikins and hospital rooms for resident case simulations. Through cases and procedures, residents can hone their skills throughout the year. We begin the year with intern Code and Procedure bootcamp. Throughout the year simulated cases integrate point of care ultrasound to fine tune our resident skills and decision making in a protected, safe environment. Point of care ultrasound and simulation curriculum occur every Friday afternoon of the ambulatory week.

Resident and instructor over a sim dummy
Residents observing the SIM center
Residents around a table watching a monitor
May 26, 2022