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Resident Executive Council

The Resident Executive Council (REC) is charged with monitoring and advising on all aspects of resident education including but not limited to policies, goals and objectives, duty hours, and education curricular issues. REC members serve as representatives of their respective classes and will meet monthly with the program leadership to discuss issues which impact resident education.

Each class is represented by four (4) Categorical Medicine residents and one (1) Med-Peds resident with the exception of the PGY-4 class which is represented by the Med-Peds Chief Residents.The PGY-1 class also has representation from the Preliminary Year and Transitional Year residents in the form of one (1) resident representative from each of those training tracks.

REC 2018 - 2019


  • David Jones, MD
  • Anna Lassiter, MD
  • Puja Patel, DO
  • Cody Smith, DO


  • Rachel Strength, MD

Preliminary Year

  • Diana Alsbrook, MD
  • Brittany Kasturiarachi, DO


  • Tracey Dabal, MD
  • Nathan Johnson, MD
  • Christine Son, MD
  • Madison Sweet, MD


  • Missy Barnhart, MD


  • Alex Diaz, MD


  • Jackson Reynolds, MD
  • Arindam Sharma, MD
  • Bobby Sistani, MD


  • Nathan Davidson, MD

Med Peds Chiefs

  • Desiree Burroughs-Ray, MD
  • Therese Farmer, MD
  • Michele McAmis, MD
  • Nate Rogers, MD


  • Michael Clanahan, MD
  • Matthew Haltom, MD
  • Shreesh Shrestha, MD
  • Stephen Soufleris, MD
  • Thomas Wells, DO

Last Published: Sep 26, 2018