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Inpatient Duties

PGY-1 (Internship)

The major responsibilities of PGY-1 residents (interns) include:

  • Initial evaluation of new patients and the development of an initial work-up and management plan to be discussed with the upper level resident.
  • Evaluating patients daily to monitor progress and develop proposed adjustments to the management plan.
  • Discussing the treatment options and, when appropriate, end-of-life issues with the patient and patient’s family to develop a plan of management most in accordance with the patient’s wishes.
  • Writing history and physicals, daily notes, and discharge summaries.
  • Attending all morning turnovers, morning reports, grand rounds, and noon conferences.
  • Maintaining the patient list for check-out to the night float team.

PGY-2 and PGY-3 (Upper level residency)

  • Accepting and discussing admissions with the emergency department in order to determine the proper disposition of the patient (i.e. floor, step-down, ICU).
  • Supervision of interns and medical students.
  • Coordination with the attending and pharmacist to arrange team rounds.
  • Preparing morning report presentations at least once monthly.
  • Educating interns and students in topics related to internal medicine.
  • Stimulating medical students to read and give brief presentations on key internal medicine concepts related to their patients.
  • Reviewing and presenting current literature relevant to patient care.
  • Fostering an environment conducive to education and the delivery of high-quality patient care.
May 26, 2022