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Institutional Effectiveness

The mission of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness is to facilitate the systematic, research-based, enterprise-wide planning and evaluation process to support continuous improvement throughout UTHSC.


What is Institutional Effectiveness?

IE is a set of ongoing, systematic processes that are designed to ensure that an institution is effectively achieving its mission and continuously striving to improve. It includes planning, identifying or developing outcomes (including student learning outcomes for academic programs), evaluating the extent to which those outcomes have been achieved, and using the results of the evaluations in concert with other data where appropriate to improve programs, services and student achievement.


Guide to Institutional Effectiveness for Non-Instructional Units


What is Institutional Research?

IR is the process of gathering, analyzing and reporting data to inform planning and decision-making in all areas of the institution. The analyses range from reporting straightforward descriptive statistics to developing and applying causal and predictive statistical models.

IE Functions

We provide a variety of services and consultations in the following broad areas:

  • Reporting (internal and external)
  • Institutional Research (gathering and analyzing data to address questions of interest to UTHSC and its colleges and programs)
  • Accreditation (SACSCOC and support for disciplinary accreditation)
  • Strategic Planning (including evaluating the extent to which UTHSC is fulfilling its mission and achieving its strategic goals)
  • Assessment of Student Learning
  • Academic support (Academic Bulletin preparation and publication, new program procedures and processes)
  • Other related support services as assigned by UTHSC leadership or requested by others in the UTHSC community

Last Published: May 14, 2018