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Link Name College or Unit Primary Department Position Title
Patterson, Anthony LCollege of Medicine - MemphisUrologyProfessor
Diblasio, Christopher JamCollege of Medicine - MemphisUrologyInstructor
Ledbetter, ChristopherCollege of Medicine - MemphisUrologyAssociate Professor
Gubin, David ACollege of Medicine - MemphisUrologyInstructor
Giel, Dana WilkersonCollege of Medicine - MemphisUrologyProfessor
Jerkins, Gerald RCollege of Medicine - MemphisUrologyAssociate Professor
Gleason, JoeCollege of Medicine - MemphisUrologyAssociate Professor
Valli, Jennifer LCollege of Medicine - MemphisUrologyInstructor
Mcgowan, Leslie RainesCollege of Medicine - MemphisUrologyClinical Assistant Profes
Buscarini, MaurizioCollege of Medicine - MemphisUrologyProfessor
Greenberger, Mark DCollege of Medicine - MemphisUrologyInstructor
Killian, Mary ElaineCollege of Medicine - MemphisUrologyAssistant Professor
De Souza, Rowena AnneCollege of Medicine - MemphisUrologyAdjunct Assoc Professo
Wake, Robert WCollege of Medicine - MemphisUrologyProfessor and Chair
Shappley, William VanCollege of Medicine - MemphisUrologyInstructor
Walzer, YairCollege of Medicine - MemphisUrologyAdjunct Assoc Professo
Corr, Zachary KCollege of Medicine - MemphisUrologyInstructor

Last Published: Sep 4, 2020