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Chancellor's Listening Sessions

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Dear Colleagues-Friends,

My thanks to many of you for your advice and welcoming, as I have met with you over this exhilarating first month as your chancellor. As mentioned in the Inaugural Address, I want to get to know you and how I can best serve you and this great institution. As we work to better understand the needs of campus and shape our next strategic plan, your feedback will be the key to success!

You are invited to share your thoughts and concerns about "all things UTHSC" by attending (virtually or in person) one of these upcoming listening sessions:

As you can see, some sessions are dedicated to specific colleges. If you belong to a college and the scheduled session does not work for you, please feel free to attend another one.

If you have thoughts and concerns to share, but you are not able to attend these sessions, please feel free to submit your feedback here. This approach is brief and meant to minimize burden, while maximizing impact.

These listening sessions, structured and timed as COVID-19 is receding, enable direct feedback (in lieu of large town hall meetings) and should help us to better understand the challenges we face, the successes we should continue, and the ways in which our university must grow and evolve in order to best meet our mission to improve the health and well-being of Tennesseans and the global community!

Thank you for your participation. I welcome and appreciate everyone's feedback!


Chancellor Buckley signature

Peter Buckley, MD

May 26, 2022