Sick Leave Bank

The Sick Leave Bank is an opportunity for eligible employees to protect their income. The Sick Leave Bank may provide paid leave to bank members who have exhausted all of their own paid leave due to a personal illness or injury.

Open enrollment for Sick Leave Bank is conducted in April, May and June of each year. Enrollment forms must be submitted to Human Resources, Benefits, 910 Madison, Suite 727 by June 30th.

See HR0382 Sick Leave Bank Policy (UT System) for additional information.


Marjo Jacks

Marjo Jacks

Marjo Jacks joined the UT Health Science Center's sick leave bank in the late 1990s in order to help her fellow UT employees.

"I saw so many people around me who had problems, and I thought I could at least give some hours to help them," Marjo said.

In 2006, Marjo was paid back for her volunteer spirit. She needed surgery and the recovery time was supposed to be short. However, due to complications, her post-surgery recovery took longer than expected. After using up her personal time, she was granted time from the sick leave bank.

"It's wonderful to have the bank to fall back on," Marjo said. "You just don't know from day to day when you'll end up needing it."

Marjo added that joining the sick leave bank is about more than just a safety net for UT employees.

"It's an opportunity to help others," she said.

Terrence Benton

Terrence Benton

Terrence Benton, a community service officer at the UT Health Science Center, had not been a member of the sick leave bank for long when he ended up needing to use it.

"I signed up in July 2010 and had my knee surgery in September," Terrence said.

From September to December, Terrence was out of work recovering from the surgery. "I had some time built up before the surgery, but I knew I was going to run out by early November," he said.

Terrence had such a positive experience with the sick leave bank that he has encouraged many of his co-workers to join as well.

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